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Okay, I am totally Miami bound for some much needed rest with my family and friends! I have been working non-stop on so many projects and events, not to mention coaching women entrepreneurs and taking their businesses to the next level. And then, of course, there is my 5 year old son who needs lots of time and attention, we have been doing all kinds of things, I love the warmer weather! Speaking of beaches and warmer weather…check out the Sporty Girl Fitness Tour DC Part II, they are coming back to get you ready for that bikini:


Nothing in your business will change until YOU become at master at marketing it. If you have not already signed up to attend the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event July 9th-11th in Washington, DC, then hurry and secure your seat, this is the life and business-changing event you have been waiting for!

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I started working with a new client a couple weeks ago. She was trying to figure out why she could not bring in any new business or clients. I asked her how she was currently marketing her business and she said with Facebook. Immediately I knew why she wasn’t getting any new business. Facebook is an AWESOME tool for marketing your business, however there is a right and wrong way to do it, and most people are doing it wrong. If you are not driving traffic from Facebook onto your own personal list, then you are doing it wrong. You don’t own Facebook and therefore you don’t own any of your friends and contacts on Facebook. If they decide to delete your account for any reason, all of your contacts are gone and I know plenty of people it has happened to. Secondly when you communicate with anyone on line in a place like Facebook, you are talking to them in a space that millions of others are as well. You should be looking for places to talk to your prospects where other people are not. How awesome would it be to if YOU were the ONLY person communicating with them and eliminating competition?

The absolute worst number to have in business is ONE! One of anything is rarely good, you should always be arming yourself with multiple legs. The person who relies on referrals for their business and gets lulled into a false sense of security thinking they never have to market any other way, will one day be devastated when those referrals dry up. It always happens, it’s just a question of WHEN it will happen.

By the way, here is one of the top reasons your business isn’t pulling in any traffic. Nobody can find you anywhere. Let me ask you a quick question…where do you go when you want to find ANYTHING these days? Most likely you Google it, right? Well that is what people are doing when they are searching for your products or services too. And if you are not coming up in those Google searches, then you are losing out in a major way. To not have a presence on line in this day and age is killing any business. This hole in your business has got to be plugged up quickly!

If you KNOW that your business is great, if you KNOW you have something of value that people can really benefit from, if you KNOW you are meant to be an entrepreneur, then YOU need to be at the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event July 9th-11th. Three (3) jam-packed days of marketing systems to attract clients. Three (3) dynamic top-notch sought after and in demand speakers who can show you how to increase your business profits. A nurturing environment of all women there to support each other as we make our mark on the world!


If you missed the Sporty Girl Fitness Tour DC in February…your second chance is here! Sporty Girl Fitness Celebrity trainer Basheerah will be back in June and this time they are raising the bar! They will be back in full force with personal training days to devise your program, a private VIP healthy cooking evening gala, 1 day fitness bootcamp and to introduce you to celebrity Sporty Girl and Singer Chante Moore who will share her personal testimony. For full details on the June Sporty Girl Fitness activities and to register, check it out here:

Vicki Irvin formerly a human resources employee, quit her 9-5 job to become a real estate investor. She created a multi-million dollar coaching business in 12 months by applying marketing strategies and techniques that many have never even heard of. After being asked by women nationally how she managed to build and juggle several successful businesses, tend to her family and stay in such great shape, she decided to teach her blueprint for business success, beauty and balance to other women through Superwoman Lifestyle. To learn more about Vicki, visit:

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