Maryland Real Estate Investing With Vicki Irvin

If you had President’s Day off, I hope you enjoyed your holiday! Today is the birthday of a great friend of man who passed away last year and I am realizing how much I miss him! Life is truly very precious.

Do you believe in the laws of attraction? I must admit I never paid those philosophies much attention until things started happening to me personally. While I know I am not perfect (none of us are) I do try very hard to be the best person that I can be and treat others with respect. My immediate circle of family and friends are the same way, good people with good values. I am a firm believer that because I live my life in a positive way, great opportunities and things come back to me. Anything that I can share to help someone else in life, I will share. People ask me all the time why I teach real estate investing to other people or why don’t I just do all of the investing myself. It is impossible for me to invest in all of the real estate in the world. But what is possible is for me to share the knowledge that was passed on to me, with an entire community. It’s not just about “giving back�. It’s about empowering people and educating people on topics, strategies and techniques to build wealth that so many people aren’t even aware exist. It’s just that simple. Nothing more, nothing less. So for whatever small way you make a difference in someone’s life, know that something great will be coming right back to you!

My son is sick, so he is home running around like a mad man. The Maryland Real Estate Secret’s offices are being renovated so my entire staff is at my house working. Let’s just say this is proving to be a very challenging day for me. We have another jammed packed real estate investing retreat this weekend we are preparing for so everything is hectic. So I have to run, I am barley hanging on here.

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