Maryland Real Estate Investing Is Burning On Fire!

Maryland Real Estate Investing is Burning On Fire!!
Happy Friday! I am still out of town at the wonderful Gaylord Hotel in Nashville. I finally got some time to hang out with Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s apprentice. She is so sweet and funny and you couldn’t imagine the projects we were brainstorming on creating together.

This conference is definitely make dominated, but the number of women I am seeing increases every year, thanks in part to people like Lee Milter!

I just finished chatting briefly with Real Estate Mogul Ron Legrand, I promise to post a picture soon.

The reason I say Maryland Real Estate Investing is burning on fire is because I have my own personal students here and while they are hear rubbing shoulders with famous investors, they are on the phone with business associates in Maryland doing deals. Pure proof the market is booming for investors.

Anyway, I must go, but I will be sure to report back to you on what else happens while I am here! See ya.

Vicki Irvin

The Real Estate Investment Queen

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» Jonathan E. Rudd said: { Apr 5, 2010 - 03:04:35 }

I just have a question about your services. I attended one of your seminars a couple years ago but was unable at the time to participate in the program. My question is this. Are the services you offer only for the Maryland area or can they work in any state? I ask this because I currently live in North Carolina.

By the way, I researched your name and company to see if there were any complaints lodged against you like the ones I had seen about other real estate investor courses like John Beck, James Smith and many others. I have found none against you, but at least one against everyone else I researched. I believe you guys are the real deal. Thanks for being honest and upfront.