Maryland Real Estate Investing- Are You Overwhelmed? Vicki Irvin

I have been a little under the weather this week and working from
home. My husband Lloyd told me to stay off my computer and rest,
but as soon as he left, I whipped it out. I just had to do a little
work, so I can’t stay long, he will probably pop in on me!

This is another push from me to get you ready for 2008! Only a
couple more weeks left. I know that life can be very overwhelming
sometimes, TRUST me I STAY overwhelmed! I JUST finished my chapter
of the book I was telling you I will be in that is being published
in 2008! I have several other projects I am working on right now as
well and it seems every day something new is added on. Often times
people ask me how I do so much at one time. Sometimes I don’t even
know how I do it myself. All I know is that I just do it.

If you are like me, when you have a lot going on, you probably
drive yourself nuts thinking about all you have to accomplish.
Doing that is not productive at all, in fact for me personally, it
brings me down and makes me want to just pull the covers over my
head (which I do every once in a while).

But now I have a new saying that I got from reading Oprah’s
magazine. Lloyd picked up a copy for me the other day and I
scanned it. Oprah was talking about how she accomplishes so much
while dealing with stressful situations and still having to fulfill
her obligations. She said, “I can only deal in the moment.” This
simple phrase hit home with me. No matter what I have to do and
how much I have going on, I can only deal with things on a case by
case basis. So now when I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I say
that phrase out loud and only focus on what I am doing at that

So when YOU are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of life, take
a deep breath and say that same phrase. I guarantee you will feel

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Vicki Irvin
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