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Allergy season is here! I have been suffering the last two days, but I finally got my medication so I am doing better.

Do you know that you need to start making a change in one or more areas in your life, but just haven’t been able to do so? What is it that stops us from getting started on those changes? Why is taking that initiative so hard to do. I know for myself, the actual process of just getting started is the toughest. It’s like needing to go to the gym and work out, but getting past that first day and actually getting in there is so hard. But once you get there, it is smooth sailing and going back the next day is easy.

I used to ponder and ponder about things I wanted and needed to do. I would analyze them to death, but never take any action. And that got me no place fast. But these days, before I can even psyche myself out of doing something that I know I need to do, I will set dates for things, make announcements for them and just show up. When you do that you have no choice. I no longer play it safe and give myself a way out. That has been the best thing I have ever done to make sure I obtain my goals.

The most successful people in the world move at lightening speed and make quick decisions. Otherwise opportunities would pass them by. We are raised to read fine print and make wise decisions and while that is okay to some extent, it is also the very thinking that keeps us over analyzing things and preventing us from making moves. It keeps us stuck in the same routine and pattern, all in the name of playing it safe. So my advice to you is to step out and take some action. If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything that you want to.

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