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Happy Happy Friday! I attended one of my Investors Realtors (Keisha) holiday party last night and what a great time. Each year she holds an appreciation party for her clients and puts on quite a classy event. The room was filled with people in the real estate business in some form or fashion and I got a chance to meet some interesting folks. My husband Lloyd and I met my other realtor Dominique and the infamous Melvin there. Melvin has become quite a celebrity having mastered the art of buying homes with no money down, so we are happy to include him in our circle and help him grow even more as an investor by rubbing elbows with the right people.

What do you think about Jennifer Hudson and all the press she is getting over Dreamgirls? I think it is awesome and it proves once again something that my mother in law always says: “WHAT WILL BE FOR YOU, WILL BE FOR YOU.� When Jennifer got booted off of American Idol before her time, so many people felt sorry for her. But being the American Idol was not for her. There was something else in store for her and that came about with this huge blockbuster of a role in what seems to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Good for her. She didn’t quit or bury her head in the sand, she kept on working and it paid off. It’s important to always remember that ever time we THINK we are disappointed or something negative happens, that we have the ability to turn that negative into an opportunity. The ball is in our court. We have two choices…one we can sulk and submit to defeat, or two we can change things. I’m sure you can think of a time you thought you missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime, only to realize there was something greater in store for you.

I hate to keep using Melvin as an example, but his story is so compelling and I use him to show you that you too can crawl out of a bad situation. Before Melvin came to my boot camp in August, he had no money and his credit was bad through his own admission. He had gone through a bad situation, but he didn’t let that close the door on his life and he remained very upbeat and positive. He learned how to be a real estate investor, applied what he learned, and now look where he is in just 5 short months later!! He is close to $100,000 with his real estate deals and things are looking good. Again I must apologize to Melvin for shouting his story from the rooftops so often, but he is living proof of what can be done if you have the right attitude about life.

So when life seems to give you lemons, daggone it, just make some lemonade! To hear Melvin’s story live and in person, as well as other success stories from my students, do yourself a favor and attend my next seminar on January 4th at:  Can you really afford not to?

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