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RELAX, RELAX, RELAX and enjoy the season! Many people have taken the whole week off to spend with their family, and won’t actually see work again until after the new year. YIPEE, you deserve a break!

A young woman wrote to me this holiday season about a divorce she is going through with her husband. She stated that she can’t remember a great holiday as a family because her husband’s views on marriage and family just differed so much from hers. What really hit home for her though, was the feeling of betrayal she felt from her husband. She said no matter how good of a woman she was, he just didn’t seem to notice or appreciate her for all that she did. In her eyes, he was more concerned with the other people in his life and that is where he put all of his energy. But in the end, she said she felt neglected and betrayed by someone she was supposed to be a team with, but who just plain and simply wasn’t interested in the kind of marriage she wanted. Her email broke my heart because no man or woman should have to feel lonely or pushed aside by their spouse. That is supposed to be the strongest bond there is, but if that bond does not exist, then you have nothing.

The end result was a woman pulling herself together and taking charge of her own life again, and no longer worrying about trying to make someone love her who obviously just was not interested. Rather than focus on the pain, she was looking for a way to start fresh and do something new for herself. She knew real estate investing was a sure route to go, and with the new year right around the corner, she felt this was a great time to delve into it full speed ahead. As she put it, “2007 needs to be the year I focus on myself and stop expecting so much from others because people will always let you down.� Quite frankly, I get several emails from people in this same predicament, both husbands and wives. The one thing they have in common is the desire to push ahead and make the most of their lives.

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