Lloyd Irvin On Fortune Magazine Front Cover. WOW!!!

I’m sitting here in LA for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan American Games this weekend.  Everyone is here in quest of becoming a Pan American Champion.  Well at least some of them are, others are just here to compete, some are here for the experience but you can tell the competitors that are here to try to win.  You can see it in their eyes.  They are determined.  They are focused. And they are here to try to reach their goals.

Speaking about goals, I believe that most of us set our goals to low in life, have a limited belief mentality and without someone constantly around you to push you out of that limited belief mentality, you’re probably going to be stuck in it.

Let’s use me for an example.  In 1999 I had a story written about me in the Worlds largest GJJ magazine called, “Gracie Magazine”.  Talk about being excited, the story was about this tough American that came to brazil and fought, that was the event that I became the first non brazilian to defeat a BJJ Black Belt in Brazil.

Well fast forward a few years, I’ve become quite known in the business World, I’ve had interviews done on me, I’ve been featured in stories, but when I made it on the front cover of The Millionaire Blueprints magazine with Famous Amos, they talked about how successful our Real Estate Investing Program is, they talked about my martial arts school and my internet marketing business. On top of that, it was ‘really’ cool to be on the cover with Famous Amos, as a kid I grew up eating his cookies.

Well why was I thinking so small?  My thoughts became much bigger when a friend named Dominique made a mistake when introducing me at a seminar one time.  In her introduction she said something to the effect of, “Lloyd Irvin has been featured on the front cover of Fortune magazine” and went on.  When she told me that she messed up and had said “Fortune Magazine” instead of “Millionaire Blueprints”, it hit me, why couldn’t I be on the front cover of Fortune magazine?

Although I don’t even read fortune magazine, I know that they talk about “BIG BUSINESS”like fortune 500 companies and on the business side of the World I work a lot in the internet marketing side of things for small to medium sized businesses.  I help businesses get more business through the  using online and offline medias. I’m currently working an a HUGE project to help “Cosmetic Dentist” throughout the World generate more clients through online portals.

But let me get back to my point here.  Why didn’t I ever even consider the thought of one day being on the cover of “Fortune Magazine”? It was because of I didn’t think it possible.  A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought being on the front cover of “Millionaire Blueprints” a possibility either.

You have to set your goals as “High As Possible” as long as they are realistic.  When I was close to graduating from Bowie State University I had set a goal to get a job making at least $35,000 a year.  Imagine that, now I can make that in a single day sometimes.  We’ve had real estate students that have made more than that on a single deal, students that make that in a single month, and I’m sure they would’ve never thought it possible until we taught them how to become a successful real estate investors.

Now I see the goal people set is wanting to reach making “Six Figures”.  Don’t get me wrong, making “Six Figures” is nothing to laugh at. But when you learn how to invest in Real Estate and how to create Wealth in Real Estate your mind opens to a new dimension.  Your goal is to model successful people, and the majority of Wealthy people throughout the World gained their Wealth through Real Estate investing or got it some other way and put their money back into Real Estate.

And as I say everywhere we go, you can make a lot of money in real estate ethically and unethically.  But if you so choose to go down the ‘unethical”route you’ll end up going to jail, and no amount of money is worth that.  That’s why we work so hard to screen our students, we don’t want to work with ‘any’ unethical people, in any shape fashion or form.

And if an ‘unethical’ person some how sneaked through our ‘screening process’ and we found out about it, we would cut them off quicker than ‘rain coming down in a rain storm’.

So if you want to set your goals high, if you want to learn how to invest in real estate, and you are an ‘ethical’ person.  If you’ll willing to invest about 90 minutes of your time on April 8, 2008, we will personally show you how you can learn how to become a successful real estate investor right here in your own back yard.


Hope to see you there.

Lloyd Irvin

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