Lloyd Irvin Is a Dentist-Not!!! Vicki Irvin

Lloyd Irvin Jr. Is a Dentist? NOT

As many of you already know, Lloyd is one of the top internet marketers in the world. He is currently working on a very high level Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project with an elite group of dentists from all over the country! While I don’t understand a lot of his techno-geek stuff, I do get the concept that once you master the art of sale and marketing, the sky is the limit as far as how much money you can make and what niches in business you can go into.

The FUNNY part is that Lloyd recently did a demo on his web site on how to do SEO stuff for dentists and showed them what they would learn. Some paper picked up the story on it and wrote about it saying that although they checked, they couldn’t find where Lloyd Irvin Jr. was a licensed dentist anywhere! Well DUH, that is because he is not a dentist nor has he ever claimed to be. But the BIGGER and more important lesson is that Lloyd’s marketing demo and dummy site was so good, that it had intelligent people convinced it was real and actually write about in papers. So looks like Lloyd has another hit on his hands!! WAY TO GO Lloyd!!

Anyway, I must run, I am currently in Tennesse at a conference with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer and a room full of millionaires here to share their success stories. Gene Simmons from the rock group KISS spoke earlier and was such an inspiration showing us all how he built a billion dollar brand from the rock group. Gene has his hands in EVERYTHING and preaches that the sky is the limit. The sky is indeed the limit for all of us, so open up your minds and take some action on that idea you have floating around in your head!

Vicki Irvin

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