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My question of the day is this….Do you go to war every day for what
is you believe in or are working for? Or do you just dream with
zero action behind achieving your dreams? I’m asking this question
because my husband Lloyd was recently mentioned in a story along
with Donald Trump. The author of the story is known as the modern
day Napoleon Hill and is often referred to as the “Millionaire
Maker”. He compared and contrasted the attitudes of true warriors
with the drive to go to war every day they wake up. He quoted
Trump as basically saying every day he wakes up is to go to war for
what he needs to achieve in life. The person who backs down and
runs from competition, enemies, the self-doubt and destructive
behaviors of themselves and others, is not displaying what it takes
to get ahead each and every day. As I continued to read that
article, the author then said that Lloyd Irvin was a perfect
example of a warrior in all of his businesses and all that he does.

I was BLOWN away! Imagine that. And then I thought about it. As
much as my husband gets on THE last nerve I have, I have to admit
he is awesome. I watch him operate so many different businesses
every day with zest and a smile on his face. I watch him coach
adults in sports and competition from Olympians to UFC fighters. I
watch him mentor children from schools all over PG county at his
martial arts school. I watch him coach business owners from all
professions throughout the county on how to thrive and create true
wealth. So I think it is hot that he and Trump were mentioned in
the same breath.

My point is that having a mentor who exemplifies starting from
nothing and attaining success is priceless. Most of us don’t have
a positive role model in that aspect and having one from the same
community with national recognition has been a blessing to so many
people. Not to mention he is an awesome dad and husband as well.
So if nothing else, become a warrior and go to war every single day
for what you believe in and what you want to achieve.

I have attached a picture of Lloyd with some of his champion
fighters and my son Lloyd III. I hope you enjoy! Click here:

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