Let’s Do The Daggone Thing AGAIN! Vicki Irvin

Man! My blog yesterday on learning to move on from your mistakes hit home with soooo many people. Thank you so much for sharing with me that my message was right on time, and I am glad I could help!

Well let’s do it AGAIN! I’m not gonna let up just because it is Friday! I’ve talked about this topic before, but it is such a biggie that I need to talk about it again…

Are you feeling poisoned by negative people in your life? I don’t care if it is a friend, co-worker or family member, I wanna know if they are taking you down! ARE THEY?

See, this is how I view things. Some people have a positive outlook on life and always have an uplifting word or story to tell you that can put things in perspective for you, just when you think things can get no worse. Aren’t those the best people?

And then we have the…… NEGATIVE NANCY’s! The person who criticizes every little thing you do and every decision you make. The one who wrinkles up their nose and reminds you that you are living in the clouds for dreaming big. The one who is never happy for you no matter what. The one who makes you second guess yourself. The one who shakes your confidence and makes you feel so small…… Ok, I am getting carried away, but you get the picture! LOL

Here is the deal with these type of people. THEY ARE MISERABLE! They are not happy with themselves and aspects of their life, so to divert attention from themselves, they prey on others. It is actually quite sad. And instead of getting angry or mad about it, it helps to understand that they are in pain themselves. But the good news is that there is something you can do about it!

You can make the choice to be unaffected by them. You can group these people into a whole new category in your life. These have to become the people who say hi and bye to and keep it moving! You don’t deserve to be poisoned by negativity. You are better than that. You deserve to be supported by good friends who are there to catch you when you make a mistake and there to share in your joy when you accomplish or do something great.

Life is too short for anything else!!! Choose to surround yourself with positive people and watch your life improve immediately!

Have a wonderful and productive Friday!

Vicki Irvin
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