Lead Generation- Vicki Irvin

I’m going insane reviewing web sites for my clients! Everyone is so hung up on cute little sites! Rule number one…you must have some type of lead generation on your site. Your main objective is to start building a list of prospects and capturing their contact information! That way you will be able to communicate with them on an ongoing basis in an attempt to get them to buy from you. How do you get them to leave their contact info? You offer them something in exchange like a FREE report or CD. For a good example, visit my website and see what I have done:

The reasoning behind lead generation is that people typically do not buy on the first attempt, so you must constantly communicate with a lead in an effort to convert them to a sale. How many times have you seen the same product or service in an ad before you actually bought?

Think about it!

Have a GREAT day!

Vicki Irvin

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