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Happy Monday! I received a special request from a friend last Friday, he wanted me to cover a topic on patience and positivity as you are growing a new business. And while many of you may or may not be growing a business right now, positivity and patience still applies to every aspect of our life.

I look at it like this…you are going to have good days and bad days in everything that you do. Anything worth having or doing is going to be hard work and no two days will ever be quite the same. There are times that a story you tell will totally move a certain group of people because they can personally identify with what you are saying through their own similar circumstances. And then the next day something you say will move a whole other group of people. It doesn’t matter how many people are in that group that you move, all that matters is someone feels better because they can identify what you are saying. And then slowly but surely you can affect change in masses.

Sometimes people see the success of others and think they arrived overnight. Nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t see all the behind the scenes struggles, and you don’t see the blood, sweat and tears that is takes to get to the point of success. So many wealthy and successful people have lived out of their cars or had to file bankruptcy at one point in time. But nobody knows that unless they tell you. Things look easy from the outside, but that is not real, trust me. What gives some people the strength to plow ahead in the face of adversity is a burning desire to succeed, a positive outlook on life and taking quick decisive action. My husband constantly says to me “money is attracted to speed� and he lives his life that way as it pertains to business.

So, I say to my friend and anyone else struggling to maintain a level of patience and positivity…You are already halfway there. You have already taken decisive action and acted upon a burning desire to do more. The rest will come, it is a natural progression. If you are a person with a burning desire to do more, come on out to my seminar this week on February 7th and see real life people just like you who had their lives changed through the power of real estate investing.

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