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I sincerely hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday and didn’t stuff yourself too much! My holiday was wonderful, I spent it with family and friends and enjoyed reflecting on all I have to be thankful for. At my house for Thanksgiving, we went around the room and gave everyone a chance to say what they were thankful for. In that setting I was free to express myself and share all of the good fortunes I have been experiencing. And that felt good! I say that because I have been around so called friends before who really aren’t happy for you.

I thought back to certain people who have been in my life and thought about how I acted towards them. If I felt they were the jealous or envious type, I found myself holding back on sharing stories about positive things in my life. Ladies, I know you can relate to this. Have you had girlfriends who may not have been as lucky in love as you, so you hesitate to talk about the great thing your husband or significant other did for you to that friend? And you did this because you knew they would be jealous or it would make them feel bad. On one hand, you hold back because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, but on the other hand, we should be able to express a nice gesture someone did for us to a friend! It got so out of control, I didn’t want to talk about anything! I couldn’t talk about the great trips my husband took me on, I couldn’t talk about the great gift I received, I couldn’t talk about something wonderful my son did if they didn’t have children yet and wanted them, and the list goes on and on. So that got me to thinking….Are these really my friends??

Well after careful thought, I decided that there is a big difference between Envy and Jealousy. It’s okay to envy something someone else has, it’s a healthy thing and helps you to aspire to greater goals. I know I envy lots of different things and wish I had it, and so it gives me something to reach for. But JEALOUSY is the green-eyed monster! To be jealous means you feel negative feelings, and jealousy makes people say and do hurtful things.

Many of my real estate investing students who are now making big money have confided in me that the jealousy from friends and family members has started already. I warned them that this would happen, so you have to prepare your mind for it. I tell them that they have nothing to feel bad about, after all, the only thing they are guilty of is making as positive change in their lives and investing in their future. Is that really so bad? So remember, envy is good, it gives you something to strive for…but jealousy is bad, it breeds negativity, so stay far away from jealous people!

If you want to be surrounded by positive people with goals and dreams, I highly advise you to attend our next seminar on December 7th and see how real estate investing is changing lives in the Metro Area.

I am curious to know how you have dealt with jealous friends, please post your comments below!

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