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My Branding sessions are SOLD OUT! I have literally spent the last two weeks working with entrepreneurs on tweaking and recreating their business brands and business models!  I normally reserve branding sessions for my coaching clients, but I am happy to have opened up my door to work with many entrepreneurs for the very first time. The results were amazing and the face of many businesses have been changed for the better.  2011 Is all about monetizing your business in EVERY aspect and I look forward to the success of the people I was lucky enough to work with!

Speaking of Branding, I am leaving to go film my segment for the Lifetime TV show “The Balancing Act” on January 25th.  I am pretty excited since I am such a huge Lifetime TV fan.  Stay tuned for more updates and follow my journey to Lifetime!

What does your business look like today?  If you had a snapshot of your business one year ago and then compared it to a snapshot of your business today….what has REALLY changed?

Did you increase your business profits?

Do you have more clients and customers?

Does your business have a system?

Do you have a profitable brand?

Are you attracting great opportunity?

Are you able to work in your business full-time and support yourself

Have you experienced growth?

If you are unable to answer these questions with an emphatic YES, then something has gone terribly wrong.  No. it’s not the economy, that excuse doesn’t fly.  While this is indeed a very different market…many, many entrepreneurs have experienced their best years ever.  Why? Because people are still investing and buying whatever they choose to.  But, if your business marketing message hasn’t struck a chord with them, then they just took their money to someone else who did.  In plain English, you are being out-marketed by your competition.

Let’s take two businesses who do the exact same thing, equally as well.  One is complaining the market has killed their business, while the other one has tripled their income and has no shortage of clients. When comparing the attributes and traits of the two entrepreneurs, most likely here are the BIG differences that stand out…

The one with the booming business has consistently invested in themselves and their education to learn how to effectively market, rather than trying to figure out things on their own (never going to happen). One looks at what other knowledgeable and successful people are doing and follows suit, the other doesn’t. One is truly committed to working ON their business rather than IN it. One is consistent, and the other is sporadic.

So I ask you…What does YOUR business look like today compared to one year ago?  If you are not happy, then don’t let another year go by without doing something different, because THAT is not working.

Wishing you a prosperous 2011!

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