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Happy Friday! It’s been another crazy week and right now I am on a break at our Real Estate Investing Retreat. Another packed room of hungry new investors looking to secure their financial future! I love to see the ambition!

Do you push yourself every day? I am always looking to improve in every area of my life. So much that I sometimes make myself bonkers. Every time I look up, there is always something to do and always improvements to be made. And I am a bit of a perfectionist so you can imagine the tail spin I stay in. What I have had to learn is that there will ALWAYS be something to improve upon. I admittedly struggle with the fact that I will almost never be able to close any projects out. When I was working a 9-5 I was the type of person who only felt good when I closed a project out. I was all about clearing off my desk and crossing tasks off my list.

But now that I am a real estate investor, the game has changed. So I am having to face the fact that as soon as I cross something off my list, I will be adding three more things. Especially with our investing program, with all of my students, you can only imagine how crazy life has been. But what matters most is that I give everything all that I have got. There may not be an end in sight, but while I am trying to get there, I know that I am doing my best and making a positive impact upon someone along the way. So if you are like me, beating yourself up because you have so much to do, stop sweating it and enjoy the ride. You will get there eventually!

Want to hear more about the positive impact our program is having on the community? If so, I urge you to come on out Tuesday, April 24th and see how real life people just like yourself have had their lives changed through the power of real estate investing! Register now:  or call 202-595-1992.

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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» Lenora Terrell said: { Apr 13, 2007 - 02:04:03 }

Thanks for the encouragement, I will be registering for the 24th session. I have registered for several others in the past and for one or another was unable to attend.

I am a real estate salesperson, been in the busineess for approx. 1.5 yr. I have actually put out more money than I have made. I have been a property manager since 1986, I am really to excel to the level I know I can achieve. Everytime I hear you on Heaven 1580, I know you are the mentor for me. WE WILL MEET SOON!!!!

» Evelyn Blunt said: { Apr 15, 2007 - 12:04:20 }

Hi Viki! would love to come to investment meeting, but you are in maryland ad i am in va and i don’t travaling by myself and don’t know where i am going. It is hard to get someone to traval with you especailly if they don’t have you same interest. Have you got any meeing in Va Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News Va anytime in the near future? People don’t the way i do and i have been trying to get the investing business for over a year now and it seems as if i just been taken for my money until there is no more even when m husband was sick i spent money we didn’t have trying to get into this business and nothing but a promise of how the we going to help. I guess i am just a sucker for trying to make money and make our live a little easier. I guess you would say this is not a comment bu i am extremly interested in this.

» renette Chavis said: { May 2, 2007 - 11:05:06 }

Hi Viki!

I love your website! and I have always believed that real estate investment was the way to go! I just never had the money or the know how to do it. I would love to attend your seminar in Maryland on May 10th, 07 but I am one of those single parents that you spoke of earlier and it is hard for me to do anything during evening hours. After my mom’s death, I have little or next to no support as far as babysitters and in addition, I am careful and protective of the company I keep and allow to care for my kids. For single parents such as myself a daytime seminar (if possible) would be awesome, then would could attend while the kids are in school. Do you foresee any plans on having a seminar or two in the immediate future?