Vicki Irvin-Injustices At Work…Will It EVER End? Maryland Real Estate Investing

Man am I pumped! I have a free seminar tonight where I will be giving out information on real estate investing and what we do in the community. The reason I am excited is because I have been receiving so many emails from people who have previously attended the seminars thanking me for all of the knowledge I share and for bringing such a valuable program to this area. One woman told me I inspired her to purchase her first home and now she is ready to be an investor! That is AWESOME.

What I love most is that even people who attend the free seminar and decide they aren’t ready to be an investor yet, have expressed gratitude for the life changing and valuable information we give out. What is most important is that you start to change your mindset. Start surrounding yourself with positive people who have goals and dreams and are working towards obtaining them. There is nothing worse than to be in the company of whining complaining people who have excuses for why everything won’t work. If you keep on doing what you are doing in life, you will keep on getting what you got!

I know I personally got tired of complaining about my commute and my job and about being unappreciated for all that I did for my company. I was bitter because I was working for jealous and insecure people who were afraid of me taking their jobs. It’s scary because so many so called supervisors at work do not want to see you succeed. They are afraid of you if you have a higher level college degree than them, or if you appear to be more knowledgeable than them. And it is for this very reason, so many of us are held back at work and not able to get ahead. And sorry fellas, but us women have it even worse!

How many times have you been held back from a promotion you deserved or a pay increase that you could actually notice in your paycheck? How many times have people been threatened by you and the knowledge you had? As a former career Human Resources Executive, I dealt with these issues all of the time, and I spent a lot of my energy fighting to get employees the breaks they deserved. But it wore me down after a while and I realized the only recourse I had was to do my “OWN THING�. The only way to ever really attain financial freedom and the autonomy to do what makes you happy is to work for yourself. There are no other options!

Please share your personal stories or injustices you have faced in your current or previous jobs ( I know you have them). Remember this blog is all about supporting and motivating each other so that we can move to the next level together, so post your experience below, and tell me what you plan to do to change your situation, because that is what is most important!



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