In denial about your life & biz? Vicki Irvin

Are you in denial about your biz or life?

Someone sent me an email saying they no longer wanted to be on my list because they didn’t need any help and they made “ON THEIR OWN!”  She used all caps, just like that!  I was like WOW, really? LOL

Here is the deal.  I personally don’t know too many people who made it on their own.  Every successful person I know, had help from someone else, and I know a lot of successful people very well.  Even the success stories we see on TV of famous people, when they tell their story they speak of someone in their life who mentored them or coached them and pushed them.

So point blank, this woman was lying.  Why? Because most likely she is in denial.  In denial about her business and unwilling to accept help from anyone because she is so busy “pretending” she has made it.  I have seen this pattern before and it saddens me because it forces people into a corner they don’t know how to get out of.

We have all heard of faking it until you make it right? Well some people take the faking a bit too far.  Have you ever seen someone you KNOW on Facebook or Twitter bragging about how much money they made or all these grand things they are doing, when in reality you know that is not their life?  I see it all the time.  I am sitting there like really, really? You owe your own momma money and everybody else I know and you are bold face lying on social media!

Well guess what? That is happening all day every day.  And for some people the lies about their business success (and personal life) have spiraled so far out of control, they don’t know what to do anymore, so they just keep on telling more lies.

The problem with this is that the practice of keeping up this façade has become a fulltime job when in reality behind the scenes the business is not booming, money is not coming in and you are in a bad situation all around.  But there is no time to REALLY work on the business because you are too preoccupied with your social media deception.

I see deadbeat dads pretending to be great dads with great careers when they owe thousands in child support, I see people in horrible marriages pretending they are in marital bliss, all kinds of foolery!

Let’s face it! None of us are perfect and we all have struggles and bad times.  We all have shortcomings and things we need to work on.  That is life and that is being human.  And being able to admit that will set you free!

Instead of trying to “make it on your own” simply because you don’t want people to have a real glimpse of what your life is really like, understand that you are not alone.  We are ALL jacked up in some way, but so what!  Find someone you know can help you get the tools you need and invest in you, your most important asset!

I want you to accept who you are and where you are in life and business right now, and then design a plan to improve it. THAT is what is most important. Nobody jumps on the scene with instant success, there is a road to travel and a foundation to build in order to get there.

So if you or anyone you know is in denial about their life and biz, I urge you to share this with them. Once you move past this small roadblock you can get on with building a better life and business just in time for 2013!

Always remember….Nobody can make it all alone!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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