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I have got one busy day today, as usual, but I am so excited about all of the new things we are doing for our investors!

I want to take a moment to say thank you so much for all your positive comments on my Daily Buzz Blog. People remain amazed that I actually take the time every day to write to you and they often ask how I come up with topics. Well first, YOU are my inspiration, all of the emails you send telling me how you can relate, or how I inspire and motivate you mean so much to me because that is what I set out to do. Second, it is pretty easy to come up with things to talk about because we are all involved in this thing called LIFE and as you know life is full of things to talk about!

As you know my mom was visiting, but she left yesterday. She made me promise to eat more and try to pace myself. I am going to miss my breakfast being handed to me, but I will manage! I try as hard as I can to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, and working out. I do have one hectic life, but I am having fun! It helps to now be able to run a business with my husband. I see him much more than I used to when I was working my 9-5 (probably too much) but it is all good!

It is all about speed and intensity. I find that there are not enough hours in the day to do all that I need and I find my mind racing all the time with new ideas. I thought I was going crazy for a moment, but in speaking to other entrepreneurs, I realize that what I am feeling is drive and motivation and dedication to something I love. I never felt this before, so it is all new to me. Most importantly, I want for EVERYONE to feel what I experience every day. You won’t quite get it until you FEEL it.

If you want to see other people who are now feeling the euphoria of running their own business, I urge you to come on out on April 11th and see how real life people just like yourself have had their lives changed through the power of real estate investing! Register now:  or call 202-595-1992.

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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» Shavonne Moore said: { Apr 4, 2007 - 09:04:41 }

Hi Vicki,

Thanks so much for the encouraging emails. I just started receiving your emails and I tell you they have truly been a blessing. I have been praying to God for a way to work at home to take care of my 3 year old. I was in my living room last week reading the paper when I came across you ad. I just purchased a home in February and I just finished remodeling my bathroom and Kitchen. I am so pleased with he results. Of course I didn’t have to pay much since my father was the contractor but it was a great experience. My favorite show is Flip this house and Flip that house. I am so excited about your upcoming seminar. I am already making plans for the boot camp and I haven’t attended the seminar yet. My husband always says when I have my mind made up I dive head first. I am so ready. I just have one quick question. I just purchased a home in February using NACA (a no money down program). In the contract it states that I am not allowed to have another property while under the NACA program. That means I’m going to have to refinance my house. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do or what I can do? I know you get hundreds of emails a day, so I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email.