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I know I have touched on this topic before but lately as more and more people are beginning to make money in real estate, I am saddened to hear the stories about the lack of support my students are getting from family and friends. And sadly enough, I hate to say it, but it is nothing more than envy. I continue to be hurt by the fact that we do not support each other when we uplift ourselves. And most people that have come through our investment group are trying to get themselves in a better position so that they can give back.

Are you happy for other people when good things happen to them? I know that I am elated. My husband Lloyd always says that I am quick to pump people up and sing their praises. I can’t help it. I believe that every person on earth deserves some happiness. So that is why it is so hard for me to understand people who are jealous or make other people feel bad about their success.

I have been in that position before and it is uncomfortable. But I refuse to feel bad about anything that I have worked hard for and as long as I know all of the things that I do to help others along the way, that is all that counts. After all, no matter how much you do for people, it will NEVER be enough. Everyone is not going to like you and that is a part of life you must accept. So to those of you who are good people with good hearts who are trying to make a better life for yourself, GOOD FOR YOU! Keep on being you and remember that you are indeed appreciated!

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