I Saw Some Major Chatty Patty’s!

I know you hear me talk about being around positive and like-minded people all the time with similar goals of moving forward in life. When we speak of such things, we tend to relate it to our work, or career goals. But surrounding yourself with movers and shakers in every aspect of your life, no matter what the goal is, is truly the key to ultimate success.

Everyone knows I am lifting weights now and hanging out in the gym. I decided to workout with a serious weight trainer because I am serious about what I am doing. Yesterday at the gym, I know exactly why I took that approach. While I was working out, I took a look around at all the activity. There is one group of women who meet up and work out together, but I swear all they do is talk! They move from machine to machine appearing to be working out, when in reality they are having the time of their lives chatting it up.

I looked in another section and saw a guy who spent all of his time in the mirror making sure his hair was spiked up just right. He kept looking at himself from every angle and he didn’t even have on gym clothes. He was wearing one of those tight fitted club shirts, some jeans and dress shoes while he was lifting weights. Go figure!

Then the real kicker was the guy on the bike machine who talked on his cell phone the whole time. I mean how hard can you be working out if you have the ability to carry on a phone conversation for 30 minutes??!!

That is when it hit me. In life, no matter what it is you wish to succeed in, you have to surround yourself with someone who is just as serious as you are. So even if I am talking about fitness goals, I have to be sure to partner up with someone who wants results like I do.

It’s the same as taking financial advice from someone who has no money. Or signing up to be a part of someone’s business who isn’t making any money from it themselves. Or taking advice on the real estate market from someone who doesn’t know a thing about real estate. Sometimes we get caught up in the hype of what people say and their opinions because they can sound so good, but if you sit back and look at their track record, rather than their words, you quickly realize they are no more qualified to give you advice than an ant! And that is why you need to be careful who you listen to. Surround yourself with successful people who are doers, not just talkers! You will quickly see the difference!

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