I Did It, Thanks To You! Vicki Irvin

I did it! I promised you that I would be at the gym at 4:30 yesterday and I was! I even ran into one of my Maryland real estate investing students so I have a witness! LOL. Man I feel good, sometimes the hardest part is just getting in the door!

So many of you sent me emails relating to getting out of your own way! Good for you for stepping side! One of the reasons that I told you about going to the gym was to make myself accountable to many, many people. Here I am screaming to the world I am going to the gym. I did it because I would feel bad lying to all of you. I used a simple but effective technique of holding myself accountable to others. Sometimes we set goals and want to keep them to ourselves so nobody knows. Guess why we do that? Out of fear of failure! We don’t want anybody to know that we didn’t follow though on our goals. Plain and simple. So we give ourselves an “out� by not telling anyone. But if you shout it to the world and everyone knows, you have no choice but to show up and make it happen.

It’s hard to accomplish things all by yourself, it helps to have some support. And that applies when talking about goals. So if you have a goal you wish to accomplish, tell some folks about it. I promise it will give you that extra push you need to follow through. Let’s face it, we hate for people to be able to say “I told you so.� LOL.

Speaking of “I told you so� I received an awesome email from one of my real estate investing students. She got hit with so much negativity from friends and family when she said she wanted to invest in real estate. She admitted that it took her several months to even come out to one of our Free seminars because everyone told her it was a waste of time. Finally one day she said she actually snuck out to the seminar and didn’t tell anyone. Can you imagine having to be an adult and sneak around just to avoid negativity when you are trying to do something to better yourself? Crabs in a barrel syndrome! Well fast forward, after attending our seminar, her life changed. She got involved with our program and has since made a hefty amount of money and the checks keep on rolling in! Guess what else? SHE is now the one saying, “I told you so� to her friends and family who by the way have since come out to our free seminar too! My oh my, how the tables turn!!

Whether you have to sneak out or not, I encourage you to come and hear all about real estate investing in this market and see people who are building wealth! Have you read the news? The stock market is taking a dive and I know for a fact your 401k is losing money at work. It’s time you found a real way to build wealth! Come see me on February 12th and let us show you how. Register here:

To Wealth and Real Estate Riches,

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

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