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GOOD GRACIOUS I LOST MY VOICE! Did you hear me on Heaven 1580 yesterday with Jay and Theresa? Jay joked me really badly because I could hardly speak, but my husband came to my rescue and helped me out. I had an important message to get out about investing, and I was going to convey it come heck or high water! We had a wonderful time talking about starting the new year off right and getting those finances in order.

I hope you enjoyed my husband’s post yesterday, he went on a rampage and insisted I allow him to write to my faithful Buzz Bloggers!! He said he felt inspired and wanted to give a harsh and realistic message to everyone who is interested in real estate investing. If you think I am passionate, you haven’t seen anything until you hang out with my husband. But I understand where he is coming from, the attitudes, principles and mind-set that he has adapted has dramatically changed his life and brought him the success he has now. And more than anything, he wants to see the lives of people in our own community change the same way. We are already seeing it, but he is on a mission to make as many success stories as possible. It’s not easy to find a person so passionate about making others successful, most people keep wealth to themselves and could care less about others, but not him. So I sincerely hope you felt his dedication to you and that you take advantage of it.

My wish for you is that your creative juices are flowing and that you have a new attitude this year. I hope you have cleared the people out of your life that mean you no good. I know that I do just that every year. People often disguise themselves as friends all the while just using you with not one good intention in mind. But by now, I am a pro at spotting them, so much like my husband, I just cut them right off. And as soon as you do that, all of the drama disappears. So keep your eyes open and remember to only surround yourself with positive and encouraging people who do not laugh at your dreams! What a liberating experience that will be./

Everyone wants to know what I did on New Years Eve, so rather than answer every single email, I will just tell you here. My husband booked a suite for us at the premiere Mandarin Oriental Hotel in DC and made dinner reservations for us and some friends including our Investor’s realtor Dominique and Melvin. We dined in style on a fabulous nine course meal right there at the hotel. And of course the topic of dinner was all about real estate investing. Now while I am truly enjoying the lifestyle of being a successful investor, that does NOT change my taste buds! We all gagged when we were served duck that was whipped into a creamy butter texture along with pineapple. GROSS! We kept our displeasure under wraps though, we were in the company of some big time people from the area, so the Queen had to conduct herself accordingly. Needless to say after nine very CUTE courses of samplers, we hopped into our limo and headed to the closest McDonalds!! :)  Now that is “keep’in it real�.

Tomorrow is the day! If you are looking for a challenge and are ready to start this year off right, do yourself a favor and attend my next seminar on January 4th at:  Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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