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I hope you enjoyed your holiday! Miami was GREAT, as usual. Now I am back home preparing for my son’s graduation from pre-school on Sunday, his Uncle Sean from New York (my brother) is coming down to cheer him on, and boy is he excited. Uncle Sean is an eligible and handsome bachelor if any of you ladies are looking! My mom is trying to get him off the market. LOL (he is gonna kill me)

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While I was in Miami out shopping, I noticed the business owners doing more than usual to attract clients and customers into their shops. Miami ALWAYS has people working to hustle up people to dine at their restaurants or shop in their stores. They don’t just let people walk by, they hire people to actually talk to you and get you to buy from them. Everyone is hustling up business. But this time, I noticed them doing even more, probably in response to the economy which is of course the smart thing to do. Stores were holding fashion shows using their sales clerks to model and walk the runway IN THE STORE, all in an effort to get customers inside so they could sell them. I thought it was brilliant. But it also got me to thinking about how little most people do in their own business to bring in customers. You can’t just send an email or post your business link on Facebook, that doesn’t work. You HAVE to have a list of prospects that you can communicate with. Without a list, the key to ANY business, you will not get to the level you want. Having a list means you are targeting your ideal market. Doing anything else, means you are out there blindly marketing to anyone, many of who are not interested in what you are offering. Building your list is an ongoing process that successful entrepreneurs are working on continuously, that is how and why they are making money.

You have to have a system of marketing to people that is well thought out and delivers a clear and concise message that resonates with your target market. So if you do not have a list for your business that is a TARGETED list and you are not bringing in new prospects, then chances are I have just solved your business challenge. The next step is HOW to build that list and there are multiple ways of getting that done.

We will be devoting a lot of time to list building at the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event July 9th-11th! If you KNOW that your business is great, if you KNOW you have something of value that people can really benefit from, if you KNOW you are meant to be an entrepreneur, then YOU need to be at the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event July 9th-11th. Three (3) jam-packed days of marketing systems to attract clients. Three (3) dynamic top-notch sought after and in demand speakers who can show you how to increase your business profits. A nurturing environment of all women there to support each other as we make our mark on the world!


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Vicki Irvin formerly a human resources employee, quit her 9-5 job to become a real estate investor. She created a multi-million dollar coaching business in 12 months by applying marketing strategies and techniques that many have never even heard of. After being asked by women nationally how she managed to build and juggle several successful businesses, tend to her family and stay in such great shape, she decided to teach her blueprint for business success, beauty and balance to other women through Superwoman Lifestyle. To learn more about Vicki, visit:

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