Vicki Irvin-How Strong Is YOUR Desire? Maryland Real Estate Investing

I want to focus in on DESIRE this Monday morning, and what better time to do that as you begin that routine of checking your voicemail and clearing out your emails at work. Same old routine, trust me, I remember.

Desire is the sheer will to do something that we want so badly. In a nutshell, I honestly believe there is nothing stopping any of us from achieving whatever it is that we desire, no matter what our circumstances are or how grave they seem on the surface. If we don’t achieve them, it is simply because our DESIRE was just not as strong as we believed it was. Plain and simple, no excuses.

There are plenty of things in my life that I desired. The things that I claimed I desired and never achieved, I can honestly look back and say it was because my desire for them was not strong enough. Had it been, I would have achieved it.

When I wanted to run the Marine Corp Marathon and raise money for AIDS, I did it. I trained for 6 months and I completed the marathon. It was something I had desired to do for years, and just like that, it was a done deal.

When I wanted to go back to school for my Masters Degree, I did just that. It was something I always desired to do and so it wasn’t a question of getting it done, it just happened. Regardless of working a full-time job and all my other obligations, I just made it happen.

When I realized that I no longer wanted to work for anybody else and that I wanted a better financial future, I pursued real estate investing. And although I was scared, my desire to leave my job and gain financial independence was much greater than my fear, so again, I just did it. And trust me when I say there have been other times in my life I wanted to work for myself, but the desire at that time was just not great enough, and so I did not do it.

I want you to take a moment and reflect on times in your life when you desired something so great and you achieved it. Then think of the times that you thought you desired something, but never achieved it. Think about the feeling you had when you desired the things you actually achieved. What motivated you?

Then take those same feelings and apply them to the things you currently desire. What is the difference in your motivation? What is stopping you now? Are they real roadblocks, or self-imposed ones that you use as excuses? Because remember, whatever it is you TRULY DESITRE, you can achieve regardless of what obstacles are in your way.

I would love to hear your stories about how sheer desire drove you to attain your goals, because remembering and reflecting on that drive is what will help you to attain the things you CURRENTLY desire in your life. Let’s keep each other motivated! Post your comments below.



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