How Hanging With Boys Boosted My Business


People always ask me where I got my no nonsense approach to teaching business to women entrepreneurs. I started out rolling with the big dogs and some of the biggest names in internet marketing. More likely than not I was on the only woman in the room. My first million dollars business was created as a result of following the instructions of one of the most brilliant marketers and mentors to the biggest names out there, Bill Glazer. He told me over dinner exactly what business to start and thank God I listened!

The #1 thing I learned from all of these guys was to become a master marketer at my business. Men have no problems promoting themselves and their products and services. They brag and boast about what they can do for you all day long.

But women? Oh my goodness, so many are petrified of sales! The harsh reality is that in order to have a profitable business you have no choice but to sell yourself. Otherwise you will be forever stuck in the hobby zone and we all know hobbies don’t pay.

So yes, I do run my business with the mentality of a man but I do it in heels! I have spent in the high six figures learning how to create and grow a successful and profitable business and my learning and self-investment never ends.

My coaching business includes passing on these strategies to the women who are my clients. And having coached over 2,000 people to date, I can tell you 9 common hang-ups and mindset roadblocks women are facing that are literally KILLING what could otherwise be a GREAT business.

I’m sure some of these will hit home with a lot of people and maybe even make them uncomfortable because it will strike a nerve, but growth does NOT happen until you get uncomfortable, so let’s go…


– Women tend to run in the same old tired circles in the name of “supporting” of each other. You are running a business not a support group. Friends and family do not make a business thrive, go out and learn how to acquire REAL clients…you know the ones that actually pay you? You surely don’t see the men forming a million support groups or begging people for support. That’s because they are busy setting up systems to acquire REAL prospects and leads. That’s the only way to make money!

– Women like to appear popular and their profit suffers. Social media likes and followers do not mean you are making money. The same people liking your posts are not necessarily buying a darn thing from you and I know it’s annoying! Focus on profit not being popular.

– Stop striving to be on TV and wasting money on PR firms. Even the most highly successful millionaires will tell you TV appearances do very little to increase sales, they are good for credibility but they do not equate to more money in your business. Yes, I know it feels good to be on TV or in a magazine, but it’s definitely not paying your bills. That money is better spent on sales and marketing for qualified leads. As my mentor always says, feed your bank account and not your ego!

– Stop twisting and turning to satisfy every person who has a comment about how you run your business. Companies don’t alter their rules or practices for every individual with an opinion and neither should you. Run your biz like a BOSS!

– Be consistent with something! Don’t get caught up in every new fad that comes up. You can’t do it all. When you do find out what works, stick to that and do MORE of it. There will NEVER be a magic pill to make your business thrive, but sticking to the basics, being consistent and slowly adding in new strategies will get you where you want to go.

– Stop speaking and coaching people for free. Once you get known as a person who will do anything for FREE, that will remain your reputation. You are not a speaker if nobody is paying you to get on their stage. If you feel the need to give back or do charity work, there are a million ways to do it, but using your business as a way to give all you have away for free is not in essence a business…it’s a charity. Keep your business and charitable deeds separate.

– Watch who you align yourself with!
Don’t say yes to everything unless it’s with the right people! I strategically pick and choose what joint ventures, tele-summits and events I will participate in based on who else is on board. You will be seen in the same light as them and if that light is not good, you just tarnished your brand and lowered your value and worth in the eyes of others. (I know that’s not fair, but it’s reality)

– Understand you will not be for everyone. It’s not your job to make everyone like you. Find out what KIND of people gravitate towards you and spend your time marketing to them.

– Stop caring what people think!
I get nasty emails all the time from women who want to work with me but feel my prices are too high. Guess what? I don’t take it personal! I charge my worth and value and there are plenty of women who CAN afford what I have. That is who my business is geared towards. People have choices, let them self-select and don’t lower your value. Sticking to this principle will greatly enhance you as a businesswoman and will attract the RIGHT people to you.

Whenever I can’t afford something (and there is plenty I want that I can’t afford) I don’t get mad at the company, I simply buy what I can afford.

We are ALL constantly growing and evolving. Make sure you don’t get stuck in any of these pitfalls and if you find you are, it’s never too late to start over with a fresh new mind-set!


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