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I get this question over and over again. So I decided to wite down the “Queen’s Tips” on choosing a real estate Investing program. Yes, there are a gazillion real estate investing programs out there giving Instruction. Yes, EVERBODY claims to be an expert and a guru and YES, most of them are NOT. So how do you wade through the clutter and self-promotion of these people? You do it CAREFULLY! Here are some tips and things to watch out for when choosing a real estate investing program:

Maryland Real Estate Investing Program TIP
1. If the only thing you can find about the group are ads promoting themselves, then that is a sign. You should be able to see real checks of people who have made money with them, hear and or see REAL testimonials and see what OTHERS in the industry have to say about them. Successful investors respect other successful investors. Self promotion is easy, what others have to say about you is worth it’s weight in gold.

Maryland Real Estate Investing Program Tip
2. Look at their lifestyle. Many people use the words “millionaire” very loosely. If you have an investment group claiming to make you a millionaire, but they themselves do not own multiple properties, or are not millionaires, there is something wrong with that picture. In fact what I find is that many people teaching others are actually struggling themselves, borrowing money from others and in debt up to their ears. Mentors and coaches should already be where YOU are trying to go.

Maryland Real Estate Investing Program Tip
3. People who are ethical are hard to find. Many people want success so badly that they will stoop to any level to try and reach it. So look for credibilty. Beware of people who steal and rip off other people for their own gain, usually that is a pattern of behavior and if you were to check their past, often times they have both criminal records and/or reputation of prior theft and unscrupulous behavior. Bad habits are hard to break. So be sure to ask around.

Maryland Real Estate Investing Program Tip
4. Try to find someone with name credibilty and roots in the community. Someone who has already been established and successful in business and has a name for themselves that was created by what others have to say about them, not their own “idea” of who they think they are.

5. Beware of people who seem to be all over the place. A Lack of direction or a real business plan is someone who is unsure of themselves and what they are trying to do. Usually it’s a sign of desparation and they are frantically looking for success. Look for contradictions in their business models.

Those a just a few tips that come to mind. Beware and be safe and do your research. There are some GREAT Real Estate Investing Groups out there, but there are also some very unethical people out there. Hope this helps!

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