How Are You Living? Vicki Irvin

Whew! It looks like summer is pretty much upon us! I love warm weather, the sun, the beach and all the activities that come with it!

My all women’s real estate investing retreat was a HUGE success! Over 100 women came out and we had a GREAT time learning and growing, bonding and sharing! My ladies were sharp too, smart as can be and amped up to begin investing in real estate! My ladies retreat was such a success that I am being hit with so many requests to do it again for those who didn’t take the opportunity or couldn’t because they were out of town. I have so many photos and video of the event going around! If you wish to see some of them, join my fan pages on Facebook here and stay connected to me and all I have going in 2009:

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What is most important to you in life? Whatever it is, I want to know if you are doing everything to make sure your goals are met. I have friends who complain all the time about their life and what they don’t have or what is not falling into place for them. But when I watch what they do, I know exactly why. Life is about sacrificing the unimportant things in life for what matters most. Stop spending money on trips and insignificant things that do nothing to improve your life, but land you deeper in debt. Stop trying to portray yourself or lifestyle as something you know it is not. Nobody is impressed and quite frankly people can see through all of that. Don’t buy cars you can’t afford, nobody has to pay that high car note except you. Don’t buy designer clothes to impress people when you are struggling to feed your family.

None of these things are going to advance you, they will put you back. Instead work hard on improving YOU by way of some type of education that will change your finances so that you can do the things that secure your future for you and your family. That is what is important, not pretending for appearance sake!

So today think about it. What extra financial burdens have you put on yourself that you need to get rid of? What money are you spending that is putting you further in debt? Figure out what adjustments you can make and relieve yourself of those burdens! You will feel so much better!

Keep climbing!

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

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