The Housewives Are Killing Us-Vicki Irvin

I am home today with my son! The school called and said he got sick, so I am on Superwoman nurse duty. Hopefully it is just a 24 hour bug. But while I am here, I wanted to give you a heads up…I will be holding a brand-new FREE tele-class really soon, this is the call entrepreneurs everywhere have been waiting for. I just wanted to give all of my superwomen subscribers a heads up, that I will be announcing it next week, so be on the look-out and make sure you secure your spot!

Procrastination is killing businesses everywhere! As I work with my coaching clients, I am amazed at how many of them are being held back due to the lack of discipline. Well, I shouldn’t say that I am amazed, it’s just that they are looking for something else to be the reason for why they are not profiting to their potential, when in fact many times, it boils down to time management and discipline. And that is ok, because there is an easy fix for it!

As women we STAY busy, juggling many, many jobs, nobody knows that better than me. But there is a way to ensure that you put the time you need into your business so that it can grow and expand and so can your bank account. It’s starts with some deep soul-searching and evaluation. As kooky as it sounds, if you just go through this simple exercise, you will uncover the MUCH needed precious time you didn’t think existed.

Pay attention to your daily habits. How much time are you spending on the phone talking about unimportant things with your friends…how much time are you spending on text message conversations about much of nothing? How many favorite TV shows do you just HAVE to watch that are sucking precious hours out of your life and taking away from your business? If you walk around with a journal for a few days and log the hours you are engaging in such activities, you will find the time you swore you didn’t have to put into your business to take it to the next level.

What’s more important? Your business or the Housewives? (gosh I love that show)
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