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The last few weeks have been insane! Atlanta first and then I went to the UK for the UFC fight and a special mastermind session with Ken McCarthy and some brilliant internet marketers! The information was fabulous and being put to use right away! My coaching clients are going to love me for the new money boosting tips they can add to their business in a matter of hours! Internet marketing is such a male dominated field, but that is all about to change, trust me.

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Ok, so what is up with the Sales Prevention department so many people have built into their businesses without even realizing it? Everywhere I go, I pay special attention to the customer service I receive and make a note of how many businesses are turning customers who are ready to pay away! I tried to order something today on the phone and the lady said she would get back to me in a day! I had my credit card out and everything! A month ago my husband and I went to Best Buy to order some new cameras and he asked if there was any new technology or equipment he could add to enhance his purchase and the salesclerk told him and I quote “not that I know of.� It happens all the time. First, if you have employees handling your service you had better ensure they are trained and know that they are being monitored. Employees receive pay checks. They are not all that interested in repeat customers or selling your clients on more services. Why? Because they do not see what is in it for them. Whether they sell one or 15 of your products is not going to change their pay check unless they receive a commission. See the lack of motivation?

If you were to monitor the amount of money your employees have turned away for your business, you would be sick to your stomach. In the UK this weekend, I met a wonderful man and musician Chuck who told us a story of how a woman was selling water filtration systems. She was giving a presentation to his friend who half way through it, told him he didn’t need to see anymore and was ready to buy. But she insisted that he needed to go through with the entire presentation. Further, she said she wanted to prove how great her product was be searching on line and showing him what others were saying about the product. Well guess what? Her searched turned up a bunch of negative feedback on the system. He quickly put his credit card away and needless to say she did NOT make that sale. How is THAT for sales prevention! When he was ready to buy, she should have let him. When someone is ready to buy from you, LET THEM, right then and there. It only takes a few minutes for a customer to cool off and decide to spend their money on something else.

So what is going on in YOUR business that could be preventing ready and willing customers from paying you. Poor employees? Lack of systems? Do you promptly get back to people when they reach out to you? Think long and hard about it. You may have a Sales Prevention Office built right into your business and you didn’t even know it!

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