Hidden Money Staring Right At You!

I’m busy running around preparing for a business trip to Vegas with my friend and partner Kim Davis. We are going to an educational speaking function, we are both always looking for ways to keep our skills sharp. I haven’t packed yet and of course there are a million things to do, but such is the life of a Superwoman, right?

It is probably going to be impossible to keep the trip to Vegas strictly business though, you know how that town can be!

Do you ever wonder how some businesses thrive in ANY economy and others fizzle out? Nine times out of ten the reason will boil down to how that business views the current economic state. Are we in tough times right now? Yes. However, people are still spending money on things that they want. If you start convincing yourself your clients are not buying your product or service because the economy, you have just given up on yourself! Are home sales down? Yes. Are car sales down? Yes. But guess what? People are still buying cars and homes and the realtor or car salesperson who doesn’t run scared is still making money while others have run out to get an additional job or quit the business altogether.

I work with a top producing real estate agent now who is continuing to prosper because he has the ability to find additional revenue streams within his existing business. Everyone should analyze their business and look at opportunities you never even knew existed. I often help my clients figure out those additional revenue streams and they are amazed that they have been staring them in the face the whole time. Part of being able o do that is knowing what your clients want. Notice I said WANT and not NEED. If you don’t pay attention to what your clients say they want and you do the thinking for them, you will be spinning your wheels for nothing. Your assumptions mean nothing, your business should be designed on market research and facts.

So step one, take a survey and find out what your clients are starving for right now, even in this economy. Step two, look at your business model and see what opportunities you are leaving on the table that you could be profiting from that you never thought of before and start offering that service/product. Always remember there are ways to tweak your business to immediately increase your income, one of them being to raise your prices. People are terrified of losing customers which is why they will not raise their prices. But you have got to value your business and stand firm on this, you are worth it.

Putting yourself as a business owner or entrepreneur in the right frame of mind is half the battle. Think about it….if you love the way your hair stylist does your hair and they raise the prices on you, are you going to leave and find another stylist or will you happily pay the new price to keep getting that great service? Most women will keep paying, I know I would because I love my stylist. Think of your own business the same way and go for it!

If you are interested in learning how to grow and thrive in your business, how to recession proof your business, sell out your live events, take your business on-line and create a whole new income stream and how to find additional revenue streams in your existing business you weren’t even aware were there…. Then you CANNOT miss my 2009 Women Entrepreneurs’ Information Summit. It will forever change your life, guaranteed. Details coming soon!

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