He Is Divorcing Me! Vicki Irvin

He is trying to let me down gently! I saw the look in his eyes! I’m not talking about my husband Lloyd… My gym coach and mentor Jim is breaking up with me. He told me he wanted me to be more independent and start working out more on my own. I feel panicked! LOL But I know I can do it. Jim mostly has me doing body weight exercises now using the stability ball. That is what has me in such great shape! I thought it was going to be all machines and huge weights, but I am seeing that nothing beats using my own body weight.

I got to thinking about how Jim is leaving me and told me to consult with him only when I have questions or find myself in a bind. I can’t really be upset because that is the exact same approach I take with my real estate investing students. In life, a good qualified coach or mentor is suppose to teach you how to fish for yourself rather than just hand fish to you. Our investors are given so many resources for an entire year that includes a support system full of live meetings and coaching calls and access to mentors. But I taught all of my mentors to show each student how to make it work on their own so that they know how to survive no matter what. That is the key to success. Mentors should be supplements to you taking action and getting things done yourself. I don’t like to rely on other people for my own success or results, that is not empowering to me. What is empowering is being in control of my own destiny and decisions, nobody can ever take that from you.

So no matter what it is that you do in life, be sure to find yourself a great mentor or coach who teaches you how to survive on your own, but is there to catch you if you fall and get you back on track. That is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

If you have not been to one of our seminars, but have been interested in real estate investing, I strongly urge you to come on out June 10th. I am going to share a real life story on how leaving your financial security up to your job is a fatal mistake. You won’t want to miss this! You can register here: for your chance to win a MUCH NEEDED Gas card!

P.S. I am getting ready to launch a Women’s Marketing Group where I will be teaching women entrepreneurs and business owners how to explode their business to the next level. If you are already a business owner or an aspiring one and would like to join my exclusive women’s only Millionaire club, start thinking seriously about it. One of my plans is to bring in my good friend Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s apprentice so she can assist and bring her knowledge as well. This is only for the serious and hard-working and there will be an application process. Just wanted to put a bug in your ear so you will be prepared!

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