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HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m on break at real estate investing boot camp and realized I needed to give a shout out to my faithful Buzz Bloggers! Class is jam packed as usual and it looks like we have a great crowd who are going to prove to be some real go getters! Can you believe I had some people show up to class at the last minute trying to get in!! I had to let them know it was an interview process and that we were booked up anyway! But I am flattered so many people are trying to jump into the program, the checks don’t lie and my folks are making money!!

I can’t stay and chat too long because I must get back to class, but January is almost over and I HOPE you have started changing things in your life. Don’t let another month pass you by. Many of you told me this was going to be your year and I am going to hold you to that!

If you have not been to one of my seminars for whatever reason, I urge you to get there ASAP. I keep getting emails from people telling me they can’t make the seminar and asking me for other dates. I hope your reasons for putting off the seminar are generating some income and life changes for you. If they are not…then make it happen!! I WANT TO SEE YOU THERE!

Do yourself a favor. Come on out to my next seminar on January 25th and learn all about my mission!  

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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