Happy New Year! Vicki Irvin

Listen carefully!

2008 has been one heck of a year for me. It has had it’s ups and
it’s down and my focus has been shifted upside down and rightside
up. Lots of projects to handle and things just plain old out of

But one thing I do realize is that so many people have been missing
me and my daily buzz! If you have felt neglected I am so sorry! I
miss writing to you too.

But better late than never and I AM BACK! Sometimes in life we
don’t think we have a voice or people are not going to be
interested in what we have to say. EVERYONE has a voice and
EVERYONE has something they have been through that others can learn
about. I have learned so much from the dynamic women who belong to
my Superwomanlifestyle forum at

I cherish and respect everyone’s life experience and I value people
based on their hearts and souls.

Starting today, let me wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New
Year! hope 2009 brings you all you desire in every aspect of your
life. Some people may feel they have grown since last year, and
some may think they went backwards. But either way, life is all
about the struggle and enduring. If you took a step back, make
plans to take two steps forward this year. Get a plan together and
make it happen!

If you are a Woman who is wearing that “S” on her chest, I want you
to join my network of other women who are prospering in some areas
and stuggling in others. Together we are going to help each other
reach their goals! Fellas, if you have a mom, wife, friend, or
girlfriend you consider a superwoman, make sure you get this
information to her!

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