Today is my 25th birthday! (hush)

Isn’t it GREAT when your birthday falls on a weekend? LOL

Anyway, I wanted to take this time to thank great family and friends for being an important part of my life. Life is lonely without having awesome and supportive people in your corner who know who you REALLY are on the inside and who share special moments and times with you.

Do you allow yourself time to think? I know this may sound like an odd question, but I just recently realized that I do not allow myself quiet time to sit down and do nothing but think. I stay so busy and occupied being a SUPERWOMAN that I don’t even know how I am feeling sometimes. It’s not something I do on purpose, but it is a habit that I formed a long time ago. It may even be a defense mechanism, but I will have to leave that to a therapist to decide! LOL

So one of my goals for 2009 is to give myself ample opportunity to stay in tune and in touch with my own feelings. It’s easy to get lost in the every day shuffle of life and when you do that, you lose a bit of yourself.

So today, on my 25th birthday (hush) I will be taking some time to just think! If you are like me, on the go all the time and working hard, make sure you too allow yourself time to reflect on your feelings and who you are.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Vicki Irvin “Real Estate Investment Queen”

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