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I have got to head to the gym this morning and tackle a million other things, but not without leaving you with a reflection or two.

We had a real estate investing seminar last night and as usual, the place was packed with people interested in learning about how to secure their financial futures. It’s funny because I am starting to see many of my students coming back to the free seminars, only this time they are bringing other people with them so that they too can learn what is making them so prosperous. Last night was awesome! As promised we had a very new student who just left class on May 13th live on stage talking about how he made $19,000 in 3 weeks with what he learned from Maryland Real Estate Secrets! It gets no better than that. Then as a bonus, I had another student who just left our class on May 13th pop in to talk about how she just secured a deal and made $10,000. At this point in time with everyone doing so well, we never know which testimonials to put on stage, the success stories are more than abundant. Our student who made $19,000 in 3 weeks said it best last night…. He said, “women sometimes lie and men sometimes lie, but checks do not lie.� I am so excited for him. If he made all that money in 3 weeks using NONE of his own money, I can only imagine where he will be in a year after being with us and our mastermind team. I am so excited!

Do you have any idea how good it feels to have started a program not even a year ago and have so many people have their lives changed as a result of what we are teaching? That is powerful and I have spent my whole life wondering how I could make a difference for people. I never knew what to do, but I knew I needed to make a difference in some way. When I realized success as an investor, I wanted for others in our own community to do the same. It is all about giving back and life is absolutely no fun unless you are helping others to realize their dreams as well. I admire every single person who dedicates their life to helping others!

What are you doing to make a difference? Most of us are doing something even on the smallest level and that is all that counts. But remember the better position you are in financially, the more you will be able to help impact the life of someone else. It starts with taking care of you first and then spreading it all around to others.

If you missed the seminar last night, I urge you to register for our next one we are holding by popular demand at the Greenbelt Marriot in Greenbelt, MD. Come on out June 14th and see more success stories from your own community and find out how you could be the next one. Register now at:  or call 202-595-1849.

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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