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Hello Family! I have been receiving lots of emails about how blunt and straight forward I am about things. I have been that way my whole life, I think I get it from my mom and dad! I am the type of friend that will tell you the truth, especially when the truth is what you need. I KNOW for a fact that you have friends you call to tell a problem to that you know will just agree with everything you say and take your side no matter what. I call those the PACIFIERS!! And THEN you have those friends that you don’t ever want to call because you know they will tell you the truth and probably not be on your side and you just don’t want to hear it! I call those the REALISTS!

But how does a person ever grow by walking through life on eggshells? If you bury your head in the sand and pretend everything you are doing is enough or okay, then that is where you will remain the rest of your life. But if you challenge yourself and push yourself to make sacrifices for the things that REALLY matter, then you are taking the right steps to change your entire life for the better. But it starts within. Expect more from yourself and hold yourself accountable. And most importantly, learn how to prioritize. Let me give you some examples…

When ever I hold my F*R*E*E seminars I always send out reminders to everyone who registered. As soon as I send those reminders out, I get people calling me back or emailing me to let me know they can’t make it. Now, sometimes things come up and we have to switch our plans, however, some of the reasons I get for not making the seminar are outrageous! Someone told me they needed to get their hair done instead one time! Since when does getting your hair done generate income for you or your family or elevate your life to the next level? Sometimes people tell me the seminar is too far for them when they may live in VA. But I know those same people will cross the bridge to go to an outlet mall or Arundel Mills any day of the week. To me, it’s a no brainer…If I am showing you how you can make money and change your life, but you still choose to get your hair done, then you have to do some serious soul searching and re-evaluate what it is you want. So it is all how we prioritize our life. These simple revelations are what separates the people who will move forward in life, versus the people who will stay stuck wondering why things are not changing for them.

After my students attend my boot camp, they often thank me, my husband Lloyd and my Investor’s Agent Dominique for being so straightforward with them. We hold every single person accountable for their success and if we start to get excuses, we snap them back into reality. Do we do this to be mean? No, we do it to keep them focused and to make them successful. After all, if we didn’t care about the success of each and every one of them, we wouldn’t waste our time, being their “Accountability Coach� for twelve months! So if you need to be surrounded by people who care and will give you a swift kick in your you know what every now and again, then you should do yourself a favor and attend my next seminar on January 4th at:  Can you really afford not to?

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