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I had a GREAT time in Massachusetts at my 20 year high school reunion. It is the strangest thing to see people you have not seen in all that time! I have been back here in Maryland for like one day and I am now LA bound to attend an event given by Millionaire speaker James Malinchak who consistently makes anywhere from $200,000 to a million each time he speaks and that is NOT his speakers’ fee! The GREAT news is that James will be speaking for the Superwoman Lifestyle women’s event in June and showing women entrepreneurs how they can become speakers and do the same. NOBODY is as skilled as James and I am so excited to bring him out to share his secrets and strategies. Most people don’t even know they have the ability to add this stream of income to their existing business. James has shown me how and since learning from him, I have been on the speaking circuit in a way I never thought I would. My next event is for Citi-group a fortune 500 company where I will speak for their women’s group. All I can say is: THANKS JAMES! Can’t wait for you to meet him!

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I can give you all the technical knowledge you would ever need to go out and make your business thrive. But it won’t happen unless you are willing to invest in yourself and go to the next level. The people you see who are successful are working non-stop and staying educated. To attain a certain level of success, you MUST do extraordinary things. Extraordinary results only come when you work RIGHT. Notice I did not say work hard. Working right beats working hard any day. If you can attach yourself to a successful person who has a proven success model you can follow, that is half the battle conquered right there. There is no need to go out and reinvent the wheel when someone proves to you their model yields results. If you are okay with being ordinary, then by all means, that is fine. But if you are looking to be extraordinary then there is no way you will do it until you realize you have to invest in learning what is making the successful people so darn successful. I personally spend thousand upon thousands of dollars to learn from the top marketers in the country each year. My mentors are well known for their success and for making others successful. My husband and successful friends do the same thing. Ask any successful person you know about their own investment in their on-going education and they will tell you the same thing. There just ain’t no short cuts!

So before you go spinning your wheels and getting frustrated because you are not where you want to be in your business, ask yourself what you have done to get there. You can’t be cheap with your own education. Stop investing in shoes, cars, designer clothes, and fancy vacations that aren’t doing a thing for your back account and financial status and start investing in learning how to generate the kind of income that will change not only your life, but the life of your family. Stay tuned for updates on the event in LA, I hear there are some celebrities there as well as surprise mystery guests!

My Women Entrepreneurs’ Event in June is going to take you from A-Z and focus directly on YOUR business and how to walk away with a system and process that will start making you money while you sleep!

Special F*R*E*E* preview call coming up for the 2010 conference, stay tuned for dial-in details, you won’t want to miss it. My last call had hundreds of women on the line and many hung up and went out and made money from what I shared in that 1 hour!

If you are interested in learning how to grow and thrive in your business, how to recession proof your business, sell out your live events, take your business on-line and create a whole new income stream and how to find additional revenue streams in your existing business you weren’t even aware were there…. Then you CANNOT miss my June 2010 Women Entrepreneurs’ Information Summit. It will forever change your life, guaranteed. Details coming soon!

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Vicki Irvin

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