***FeMail Marketing Secrets*** Vicki Irvin

Remember when I told you that I was working on a new product designed to help entrepreneurs write compelling emails, autoresponders and ezines that really resonated with female consumers so that they could effectively sell their products, services and events?

Well I finally dumped all of the material out of my head and formatted it just for you!

Every entrepreneur knows that the power of your business lies in the “list” of qualified prospects that you start, build and grow. After working with hundreds of women and dissecting their businesses, it became very evident that most women entrepreneurs are catering to a primarily female target market…which leaves us with a BIG problem!

The majority of people teaching email marketing are men and they just don’t get “our” language and how we make buying decisions. When women emulate a more masculine and technical writing style they are actually turning their prospects off, causing them to lose interest and KILLING the sale without even knowing it.

If you have been marketing your products or services using email and wondering why nobody is buying from you, then I may have just solved one of your biggest business challenges.

If you don’t yet have an email list and need to start building one from scratch in order to get in on the game, then this is definitely for you. No need to be scared of the process, it truly is simple!

If you have been plagued by writer’s block time and time again, not knowing what to say and how to say it, then this is going to make your day.  I know how it is to KNOW you should be writing, but scared you have nothing valuable to say.

Writing to your list on a regular and consistent basis is the key to you making big profits in your business, but if you are struggling with your ezines and online marketing then you are probably frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, right?

Don’t be.  Click here to check out my BRAND NEW Email marketing course, FeMail Marketing Secrets™ designed for women, by women. I think you’re going to LOVE it…

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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