Boost Your Business In 3 Simple Steps With Killer Marketing Messages, Traffic Secrets And Compelling Copy That Leaves Your Prospects Wanting More And More Of YOU!

Master Implementation

Boost your business In 3 simple steps! In this home study course, you get to hear Vicki deliver her best business boosting strategies for the entrepreneur or business owner looking to put their biz on auto-pilot with lightening speed and move away from the wild goose chase!

This course walks you by the hand and explains the importance of targeting the RIGHT market for increased profits. Learn how to identify customers who can afford to pay you by conducting simple market research.

You will learn how to drive traffic to your web site and opt in pages and build up you list of prospects, clients and customers consistently.

Learn how to write compelling copy that sells so that your marketing messages resonate with your target market making them want more and more of you!

In this 6 part CD series and manual, you will get 3 training calls and modules in addition to 3 bonus CD's of real live coaching student's questions during our Q&A! All training calls are transcribed for those who like to supplement learning with reading.

Check Out All You Will Learn:


  • Defining Your Target Market- why you may just be wasting time and money talking to the wrong people and how to hone in on the RIGHT people

  • Building Rapport with Prospects- Why you must build solid relationships and trust with people first before they will invest with you

  • Free Gifts & Widgets- why you must offer value to people first and allow them to sample your expertise

  • Opt-in & Squeeze Pages- Why your web pages must be strategically designed in order to bring people into your funnel

  • Video Delivery- Learn the power of effective video and how they help make the connection you need to get the opt in

  • Contact Management- learn the importance of email marketing and the systems you need

  • List Building- Learn how to build a list of qualified prospects and how the list is one of the most important pieces of your business

  • Market Research- How to conduct research that will tell you everything you need to know about your target market so that you can deliver what they want

"She Has Literally Reinvented My Business To One That Is Growing Consistently."

I attended Vicki's Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event which was a changing point in my life and my business.  Her knowledge and encouragement was exactly what I needed in order to have a serious break through before I gave up! As a result of her event, I now have an automated business, I'm building my list and every day is exciting.  She has literally reinvented my business to one that is growing consistently.

Katina Davis
Extreme Women Entrepreneur Alumni
The Eco Green Queen



"More Than $100,000 In Profit In Just The First 12 Months!"

"I have increased my net worth by $300,000 since using Vicki Irvin's principles and have made more than $100,000 in profit in just the first 12 months. Vicki only teaches win-win solutions for all parties and with the highest moral and ethical standards for her students. This is the only way to do business and it will give you the personal satisfaction that you are making a positive difference in the business community. Simply amazing!"

Cynthia Gordon Nicks
Extreme Women Entrepreneur Alumni



  • Search Engines- learn the basics of paid traffic sources

  • FREE Sources of Traffic- learn FREE proven and effective ways to bring traffic to your website and build your list

  • Blogging- Learn how to create a killer blog that brings droves of traffic to your site

  • Video Marketing- how to use video in your marketing to drive traffic to your sites

  • Social Media Marketing- How to use popular social media sites the right way for FREE traffic

  • Tele-classes to Boost Business- How to design and deliver tele-classes that boost your list and bring in new prospects

  • Facebook Events- How to create facebook events that drive people to opt in and join your list

  • Facebook Ads- How to target your market using facebook ads and gain new prospects

  • Discipline & Dedication- How to become a master implementer in your business and stay in an action mode

"Vicki Gave Us Two Totally New Ideas We Used Immediately."

I met Vicki at a private mastermind event in the United Kingdom. She went toe-to-toe with some of the top Internet Marketers on the planet. Our business has consistently generated over $1 Million per year in sales. We thought we had exhausted all our angles and were stuck generating the same income. However, Vicki gave us two totally new ideas we used immediately. She's not even in our market but was able to give our business a totally fresh perspective. Working with her gives you the sense that she cares just as much as if it was her own business!

-- Ben Moskel
Internet Marketer


"We Decided To Do A Joint Venture Together That Resulted In A 1.8 Million Dollar On-Line Launch!"

When I first heard about the incredible work Vicki and her husband were doing in the internet marketing world, I immediately knew I had to work with them. I got my chance to meet Vicki when we both were chosen to appear in a movie about ultra-successful entrepreneurs. While I already had a successful multi-million dollar business, I knew they could take me to the next level. We decided to do a joint venture together that resulted in a 1.8 million dollar on-line launch!  Needless to say, they are now close friends and business partners that I trust and value and who know how to make money. Anyone who doesn't get close to them is insane.

Ed O'Keefe
Dentist Profits



  • Writing to sell- How your words can make or break you closing the deal

  • Headline Transformation- why knowing how to write compelling headlines is a MUST in order to grab attention

  • Women Versus Men- How marketing to men and women are very different and you must know the difference

  • Boost Your Email Open Rates- tips and strategies to boost your email open rates and get your messages read

  • Company Formation- the basics of forming your company

  • Taking Payments- systems needed in order to take payments for your business

  • Professional Pictures- why professional pictures are a must for your business

"Her Marketing System For Implementation Has Already Resulted In Two New Clients Valued At $15,000 For My Event Planning Business!"

James MalinchakI have only recently joined Vicki Irvin's coaching program and already I have a system in place to profit for my business. I have had my business for years and have been struggling to pull all my ideas together. Her marketing system for implementation has already resulted in two new clients valued at $15,000 for my event planning business! The best part is that I can repeat this process over and over again and keep profiting.

Bonita Parker
"The Event Planning Queen"

"As A Result Of Vicki's Inspiration At The Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event, My First Book Is Being Published!"

"I attended Vicki Irvin's Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event in July 2010. I found the information provided during the 3-day event to be invaluable for the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn the core traits and mindset required to succeed in one's own business - no excuses allowed! Vicki is an articulate, energetic presenter who educated us about the realities of and tools needed to create a profitable business.

As a result of Vicki's inspiration, my first book is being published and I even acknowledge her in my book as a business mentor! The dynamic women who I met at the conference have been inspiring and several of us have followed up to keep each other on track with pursuing out business goals.  

Thank you, Vicki!"

Laura Rodriguez
Extreme Women Entrepreneur Alumni


Wait There's More…

Bonus #1- That's not all! When you act now, you also get my Social Media Secrets Revealed course as a complimentary bonus. This social guide gives you the right perspective on social media so that you under the psychology behind how to make it work in your biz.


Bonus #2- Vicki's 3 Bonus Q&A calls where I can hear the questions and answers of business owners just like myself and hear how Vicki solves their challenges.

So What's The Investment?

Well, that is easy... only $197.  This 6 part tele-series course is MORE than worth it and any entrepreneur ready to stop the wild goose chase can begin implementing these strategies right away.

You need to start thinking about your business in a different light! Using these strategies will bring you many new customers valued at way more than your investment of $197. 


"Vicki Is The Smartest Marketer I Know, Every Time She Sent Out An Email For My Campaign, I Was Able To Raise Thousands Of Dollars And Bring In New Supporters!"

I hired Vicki to run the marketing of my campaign for State's Attorney and I won! I am the first female state's attorney for my county and I made history! When you are in a race and fight that could result in your life-long dream being realized, you must carefully choose your team. Vicki is the smartest marketer I know, every time she sent out an email for my campaign, I was able to raise thousands of dollars and bring in new supporters! Everyone wanted to know who was running my campaign behind the scenes and of course it was none other than Vicki Irvin!


Angela Alsobrooks, Esq.
Prince George's County State's Attorney



"I Have Found My Voice And Ability To Express My True Mission And The Authentic Value I Bring Thus Enabling Me To Create A Greater Impact In The World. Thank You Vicki!"

I have gained a great deal of confidence as a result of working with Vicki. She has pulled back the curtains and demystified the marketing process.  She has provided step by step guidance that is helping me gain insight and clarify my purpose.  My greatest learning curve was focusing on and crafting a clear & compelling message and communicating it clearly to potential clients. With Vicki's guidance-I have been able to craft and communicate my message successfully. I now have a plan of action and the guidance I need to implement immediately. More importantly, I have found my voice and ability to express my true mission and the authentic value I bring thus enabling me to create a greater impact in the world. Thank you Vicki!!

LaTalya Palmer-Lewis
Extreme Women Entrepreneur Alumni


YES Vicki! Count me in! I am ready to boost my business in 3 simple steps and stop the wild goose chase for clients every day! I want to get my message out to world in a BIG way, help my clients and profit from my passions!

For just $197 I understand I'm getting:

• Vicki's 3 training calls where she will cover all 3 different modules and core areas
• The training will be on physical CD's that I can pop in any listen to any time

I will get a complete transcription of each training call in an easy binder made for easy reading and comprehension as a supplement


#1- Social Media Secrets Revealed, Vicki's downloadable course on how to make money with social media is mine as a special bonus for acting now
#2- Vicki's 3 Bonus Q&A calls where I can hear the questions and answers of business owners just like myself and hear how Vicki solves their challenges.


One EZ Investment of $197

If you are ready to get started and boost YOUR business in 3 simple steps then grab your course now!

Talk soon!

Vicki Irvin

P.S. Remember, if you are sick and tired of waking up each day wondering where your next client will come from, then this is the perfect course for you!


"It Was One Of Many Revelations That I Acted On From Vicki's Live Event That Has Profoundly And Positively Affected My Business."

James Malinchak"The inspiration, perspective -- and time to think -- from Vicki's Extreme Women Entrepreneurs event led me to make a major decision absolutely key to growing my business — hiring a communications and marketing expert. For too long, I was trying to do this important job on my own. It was only ONE of many revelations I had that I acted on from that weekend that has profoundly and positively affected my business."

Debbie Phillips
Extreme Women Entrepreneur Alumni


"Vicki Added A Cool And Easy 5-Figures To My Launch On Her Own!"

James MalinchakI pursued Vicki Irvin to join me in the launch of my newest product because of all the wonderful things I have been hearing about her marketing programs and business savvy for years.  Lucky for me, Vicki agreed to join me.  In just a little over a week, Vicki sent out emails for me promoting my products and services and added a cool and easy 5 figures to my launch on her own. I look forward to working with her again because she gets results that turn into profit!

Kenny Rushing, CEO
Rush Capital Fund


"Vicki Was Able To Help Me Develop An Awesome 5 Step Process For My Client's Transformation, Name My Signature Package And Develop A System That Is 100% Authentic"

Doreena Walker I recently worked one on one with Vicki to develop my unique brand that would distinguish me from other people doing what I do. Vicki was able to help me develop an awesome 5 step process for my client's transformation, name my signature package and develop a system that is 100% authentic and unique to me. I now have the confidence to market my program because it is clear and concise and it feels just right.

Doreena Walker
Extreme Women Entrepreneur Alumni

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