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I’m heading out to a Red Carpet event in Vegas with my husband Lloyd, and then to attend James Malinchak’s event in LA. I was trying to bypass the red carpet event but my husband and James ganged up on me and told me a REAL Superwoman could swing both! I suggested they both split the cost of a private jet for me. Never heard a peep from them since! Hmmmmm! LOL

Want to hang out with me at the Evening Exchange “MS.BIZ” in studio Television taping? Ms. Biz is a television show with a panel of women entrepreneurs telling their secrets on what it takes to be successful in business. You can be a member of the studio audience, ask questions and network with other amazing women doing big things.

The taping is being held with WHUT-TV at Howard University on December 6th at 5:15 pm. To RSVP your attendance, please email or call 202-806-3059 by November 30th.

Hope to see you there!


Do you have any accountability in your life and business? I received an email from a young lady who admitted that no matter how hard she tried to stay disciplined and work on her business goals and tasks each day, she ends up falling short.  She wanted to know if I thought something was wrong with her and even questioned if she had an attention deficit disorder, it was THAT serious to her.

The fact of the matter is this. Regardless if you have a bonafide diagnosis of an attention disorder, to some extent we ALL have it.  This “thing” called life can get hectic and pull us in a million directions. At the end of the day you can look up and wonder just where all the time went and realize you haven’t done much of anything.

Even the most disciplined person you know has problems staying motivated and focused, that’s just the way it is.  So what we need to do as entrepreneurs is come up with some strategies to help us stay on target.  The tips I am about to give you come from my own experiences as well as the habits of some of the most successful people in the world, including my own mentors.

First thing is first and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way….you are NOT smarter than everyone else! When we see successful people doing certain things, for some odd reason we think we don’t need to do them or that we can shortcut that process somehow.  HUGE MISTAKE!

Cutting corners and ignoring the obvious will keep you stuck in the same place with little to no progress year after year until you grasp some basic concepts.  Here are the most glaring success traits that I see run rampant with the people really doing it BIG and doing it WELL:

  1. You MUST have a coach or mentor, you can’t do it alone, IMPOSSIBLE
  2. You MUST have goals and a plan to reach the goals, keeping them in your head doesn’t work, write them down!
  3. You MUST assign yourself specific tasks to complete each day and make sure they are REALISTIC! Do NOT let anything take you off course.
  4. You MUST stay in the company of other goal-oriented people who “get it.”
  5. You MUST cut off negative people who whine and complain about their life.
  6. You MUST become an avid marketer for your business and learn how to gain clients/customers (without them you don’t have a business)
  7. You must learn how to take fast action and seize opportunity
  8. Do NOT become a seminar or information junkie who never applies or implements what they learn…Education without Implementation is PURELY entertainment!
  9. You must be able to envision something greater for yourself, if you can’t see it, you probably will never do it
  10. You must NEVER allow fear to prevent you from trying something new, although fear will never go away, you have to learn to push through it, after-all we ALL have fear and you are not alone.

So take a moment to review this list and put a check next to the things you KNOW you can do better.  BE HONEST, nobody is looking but you!  If you find that these are some of the very things stopping you from reaching the level you wish to be at, then it’s time to do something new.

Always remember that when you know better, you will do better!!

Cheers To Business, Beauty & Balance,


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