Evolve Mastermind

This is Vicki’s most hands-on program where she works closely and in partnership with you and your business for an entire year.

The level of program is ideal for the seasoned entrepreneur already making six figures (or close to it) who knows that the sky is the limit when she has accountability and a partner working with her step-by step.

This program focuses on taking you to the next level through building out your entire business system and model and capitalizing on ALL income streams to include, speaking, profitable events, home study products, large scale coaching programs and increasing brand awareness through an aggressive marketing campaign.

Many aspects of this program are “done-for-you” where you are allowed to duplicate Vicki’s proven success models and handed her exact blueprint for explosive business growth and increased profit.

In addition to you meeting with Vicki and the other entrepreneurs live and in person to Mastermind several times a year, you will also spend many PRIVATE one on one VIP consulting days with Vicki working and implementing in your business with her guidance.

If you wish to learn more about this program or request an application for acceptance, please send an email to