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On the road again! I am on my way to the GKIC annual Superconference in Chicago! GKIC is the premier organization for entrepreneurs and business owners and responsible for the success for some of the most popular rising stars out there.  They are known as the “millionaire makers” and nobody does it better than them.  And yes, the whole focus is on marketing, of course!  I’m conducting a roundtable session for them this year, my topic will be on “Unique Branding For Increased Media Opportunities” and I am super excited for the opportunity to teach my expertise to thousands of entrepreneurs!

Speaking of media opportunities, I just did a story for The Investor’s Business Daily where they wanted to know all about the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event and how I go about putting my annual conference together and what I wanted the attendees to walk away with! What an honor, the newspaper is coming out on May 6th, I’ll keep you posted!


Your ability to attract opportunity and create a successful business is first and foremost rooted in your belief system. One of the questions I am frequently asked is “what does it take to truly build and run a great business as an entrepreneur?”  The answer is not as profound as you may think it would be.

Your mind-set has to be right first.  If you believe self-investment is paying for something, then you are sinking your ship before you even get started. People with a wealthy and healthy mind set focus on investment versus payment.  When you invest in something you are putting something in to get something way greater in return out.

Picture this. Would you give me $100 if I gave you $500 back? Of course you would, you would do that all day long!

When you invest in learning ways to better yourself and your business, you do so knowing that what you learn will bring you a positive return. Knowing that just one new strategy or concept can forever change the face of your business.

One of the flip side, so many of us have been raised to invest in things that don’t bring any return at all. Investing in designer clothes and shoes and fancy vacations don’t bring you any return on investment. In fact they put you further in the debt! But sadly enough, this way of thinking is all to prevalent and one of the biggest reasons women in business aren’t further along.

I’m going to give you a real example. A client of mine invested in my one day Reinvention Retreat earlier this month. I worked with her on a new business model, strategy and income stream for her business.  She took what she learned and only two weeks later, not only did she recoup the investment she made with me, but she is profiting from this new business model. Just that ONE idea, changed the face of her business in only two weeks. Not too shabby huh?

For that very reason, is why myself and other entrepreneurs continue to invest. We profit from it, plain and simple!

So take a moment and think about what mind-set you are in. If it’s not wealthy and healthy, then you MUST work on it in order to progress!

Hope you have secured your seat for the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event where you will walk away with the ideas and strategies of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world…Guaranteed!

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