[Evolve] Commitment Issues? Vicki Irvin

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Are you even using Ezines to build rapport with your prospects and clients? Ezines are on line newsletters, just like the one I am using here! I bring you my Evolve Ezine each week to provide you with great content and valuable tips and strategies to help boost your business. At the same time and I am building a relationship with you so that you can get to know and trust me and see if I can offer any value to you and your business.  I have been faithfully pumping out my Evolve Ezine for about two years now and I have been blogging since 2006. That’s a hint that it works in business! For me to be writing since 2006 means something good is going on, right?

Ezines are often times your first point of contact with new prospects who want to check you out and see what you all about.  Yes, it’s very similar to dating! You go slow in the beginning of the relationship and test the waters.  If you like him, you like him and continue on, but if not you cut it off.

I have a client who told me she gets upset when people “opt out” from her Ezine.  I told her that is a part of business and not everyone will not stay engaged and find value in what she does and that is perfectly ok.  The only people you should even want on your list are those who are serious about their business and fully engaged.  For the serious person who finds your communications beneficial, they will be eagerly waiting for anything you put out and introduce them to.  That is your target market and who you are in search of to help with your product or service.

If you take inventory, you will see that the real movers and shakers in the world of entrepreneurship are using Ezines and similar communication vehicles to stay in touch with their prospects and clients. It is THE catalyst for a long term relationship and something EVERYONE should be doing.

Not only that, but please do it consistently.  If you offer someone a weekly Ezine when they sign up on your list, please don’t be sporadic and send it once a month when you remember.  If you fall into that trap, you have lost trust with your list immediately and it will most likely be too late to save the relationship.

Don’t be noncommittal like a lot of men, say what you are going to do and DO IT! LOL


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