[EVOLVE] Are You Worth It? I’m Just Ask’in- Vicki Irvin

Over 100 women registered in 24 hours! If you missed my announcement, I opened up registration to my annual Networking & Super Seat Extravaganza for women in business on June 11th! Each year Superwoman Lifestyle sponsors this F*R*E*E* event that brings women together to network, learn business building strategies and enjoy each other in our OWN space.

In case you missed it, check out the details and secure your seat for your complimentary ticket before we officially close registration.

***WARNING- We are working with the hotel  to try and get a larger space as we have hit capacity as it stands now! So reserve your seat and cross your fingers we get the space we so desperately need to accommodate the overwhelming response  as I want EVERYONE to be able to come to this amazing one day live event!


If you are having a hard time closing people and getting them to invest in your services, it may be because you are talking to the wrong people! No matter how great your product or service is, if the person can’t afford your prices, it’s like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, ain’t gonna happen!

One of the top frustrations I hear from my clients is that people are constantly asking them to lower their prices or even give them their stuff for F*R*E*E* with promises of payment later. RUN quick from this. If you value what you do and you have invested time and energy into your expertise, then you should value yourself enough not to waver on your fees.

Besides, you are most likely not targeting the RIGHT people and the right people are those who fit within the right demographic as far as income levels needed to invest with you. That is why doing market research and getting laser focused on WHO your target market really is remains one of the most important steps you must take in your business!

While we all want to help people, the fact of the matter is that if people know they can “bargain” with you they will do it every time.  And once you lower your standards in business it is hard to bring them back up. I used to try and “help” people too and wound up burned most of the time. I realized that I wasn’t being respected and I was harming myself.  It wasn’t until I charged what I was worth that I saw the laws of reciprocity turn in my favor.

You are your most important asset in your business.  Always invest in yourself, treat yourself well, demand what you are worth and watch the profit tides turn in your favor!

Always remember you DESERVE to be compensated for your amazing gifts and expertise!


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