Vicki Irvin-Everyday Is A Holiday For Me, Why Don’t You Join Me. Maryland Real Estate Investing

Hey, I first want to say Happy Columbus Day to you. I hope that you are enjoying your time off from work.

I remember how it used to be when holidays were coming up, I would say to myself “Wow, I have a 3 day weekend coming up” I couldn’t wait. But before you knew it, “IT” was over, night had come and you knew that in the morning you would be back on the road going to work.

Boy am I glad those days are over. Now, Everyday is a holiday for me . Thanks to Real Estate Investing, I NEVER have go to work again, but yet I work for myself when I decide to.

If I want to go to Aruba for 3 weeks, I just go, if I want to go to Jamaica for a month I just go. I don’t have to put in for leave, I don’t have to hope that my leave request gets approved, I just go. I don’t have to hope that airlines tickets are cheap during the time that I want to travel, I just decide that I want to go, call my american experess centurion concierge and tell them when I want to leave.

If I want to lay in the bed all day and do absolutely nothing I can. Well at least on the days I don’t have to take my 2 year old son to school in the morning. 🙂

I think that you get my point, I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible remove the handcuffs that their jobs have on them, to free “you” from the “cage” I call the “office” and help as many people become financially free as possible.

Tomorrow night October 10, 2006 I’m having my next Free Seminar and I’m going to show everyone exactly what I did to be able to make “Everyday A Holiday!”

So make sure that you register for my Free Real Estate Seminar at

I look forward to helping you increase your financial status.

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PPS. Hope to see you tomorrow.

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