Entrepreneurial Disease Going Around, BEWARE! Vicki Irvin

Okay, so yes I am out of town again, this time in sunny LA attending another James Malinchak event.  The next time I see James after this will be at my own live event Extreme Women Entrepreneurs when he comes to speak to all the progressive and fabulous ladies who will be in attendance and I can’t wait!

And in case you missed it, almost 200 women have already registered for my 2nd annual Super Seat & Networking Extravaganza happening on Saturday, June 11th!  Each year Superwoman Lifestyle sponsors this F*R*E*E*E  event for women in business where we spend an entire day talking about what is working today and networking.  This is your last opportunity to register, as we have to close it out now and will begin our waiting list next week, so hurry and claim your seat!  Smart women have already secured their spot recognizing this AMAZING opportunity!

I had to have a heart to heart talk with one of my clients! She told she didn’t mind if I shared our conversation if it could help just one person who has fallen into this “trap.”

She has the shiny new syndrome disease!  The Shiny new syndrome disease is when you hop from thing to thing, event to event and course to course.  Women with this syndrome love to invest in themselves and attend events and sign up for courses.  But the problem is that they never really implement in their business.  Not only that, but they overwhelm themselves with so much information and each idea gets grander than the next.

Doing this is sure to keep you stuck for a couple of reasons.  One because you never sit down and implement the basics in your business.  The basics represent the foundation we all need to get a business structure in place that is going to work for us. Second, this syndrome keeps you in a whirl wind where you are constantly changing your business name, mission and branding which is keeping your audience confused and quite frankly causing them to lose trust in you. When they see you doing this, they assume you are still “finding yourself” and no longer feel confident you can help them because you yourself do not appear to be established.

Enough about the devastating effects of this entrepreneurial disease, let’s find a solution! First make the commitment to yourself to not get caught up in all the hype in business, most of it just a bunch  of distracting  junk. You must stick to the core things that the most successful people are doing, the people with a proven track record.

Second, ask yourself if you are floundering because you are avoiding the implementation phase of your business.  I know that implementation is the biggest roadblock for people in business and so what happens is that you end up avoiding it by jumping from thing to thing. You keep yourself busy doing busy work but when you look up, not much is being accomplished and the money you deserve to be making is not being made.

Think about how many directions you are going in and how many new things you have been diving into. How many of those things have you seen through to completion? When have you really buckled down and implemented?

So think about it today. If any of this rings true, you may too have the shiny new thing syndrome and it’s time for the cure! Thank goodness there is one!


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