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My heart is heavy with the passing of the great Whitney Houston. It seems too many icons and people in the public eye have lives that end so tragically and way too early.

People often think money is the answer and key to all problems.  While money certainly helps alleviate many problems in life, at the end of the day we all as humans want the same thing…Love.  We want to have healthy and happy relationships with friends and family and we want to make a mark on the world and help other people.

Unfortunately too many people go through the motions of life “pretending” to be happy when they are not. Perhaps because they are not living the life they feel they were meant to live. Perhaps because they do not feel appreciated by others and taken for granted.

Whatever the reason, part of my mission in life is to help entrepreneurs realize the business of their dreams. So many turn to entrepreneurship because they feel they were called to do something bigger in life. I remember when I was working my 9-5, I had that burning desire every day. I found myself going through the motions every day and not feeling very fulfilled.  While I was certainly grateful to have a job, I thought my life could be better served doing something else.

Do you feel that way?  If so, what is holding you back from pursuing your REAL life purpose? Is it fear? Do you lack the self-confidence to step out there? Or is it because you just don’t know what to do or how to get started? Perhaps you have already started but what you are doing is not working.

Well welcome to world of entrepreneurship where things rarely go as planned and self-doubt is always creeping in. Where things don’t always go smoothly and sometimes you are scared.

Entrepreneurs don’t play it safe, they step out of their comfort zones and take risks. They go the extra mile and do things other people won’t do. They cherish self-investment and understand that they are their biggest asset and if they don’t invest in themselves, nobody will invest in them.

Entrepreneurs make the decision to live an extraordinary life and get their messages out to the world in a really BIG way.

The way we conquer the fear and self-doubt is to band together with each other and stay in the company of like-minded people because we need the motivation. Self-motivation is hard to maintain on its own, we need inspiration from others to keep the momentum going.

So if you are stuck in limbo dreaming of a bigger and better life for yourself and your family, I hope you too will make the decision to stop playing it safe and rise to the calling of your true life purpose.  We all have one.

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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