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Lately, I have seen some of the most positive, uplifting people I know have some amazing things happen to them in both life and business! Every time I hear of their good news I get so happy, but I am also not surprised at their blessings!

I am often asked what the keys to success are, and although I don’t have or know the perfect formula, I do know common traits, patterns, rituals and habits of successful people that remain fairly constant.

One such trait and success principle is the decision to live one’s life in a positive mode. Being positive or negative is a decision that a person makes every single day.  I don’t care what has happened, how horrible of an experience one may have gone through, at the end of the day you have a choice. A choice to move forward in a better space, or a choice to let the negative person on your shoulder win.

We all know stories of people who have lost limbs in war, been born with abnormalities that put them at a disadvantage, or people who have died and lost their life to cancer.  And every last one of them remained a positive person throughout their entire ordeal.  Inspiring and giving motivation to others.

These people had a choice too and many would say, a real reason to be negative.  But they decided to go the other way.  Quite admirable!

My observations though working with clients over the years is that so much talent is lost and so much potential never realized due to the negativity winning over!  And I find that a true shame.

Some people who are surrounded by negativity and raised by negative people have a REALLY hard time breaking the cycle. They have bigger dreams for themselves and some even go for it, but their progress is halted or stalled because they can’t shake the old habits.

Habits are hard to break, I know. But if you truly want something greater for yourself and your business, I challenge you to take inventory of the people you associate with. Do you hang out with people who gossip? Do you hang out with people who are petty in their conversation? People who look to create drama?

Because if you do hang with people like that, nine times out of ten, you are participating in the same negative behavior, the laws of attraction are powerful.

So do yourself a favor if this email has hit a nerve with you. Make the decision to move your circle to one of positivity.  Whenever you feel yourself getting ready to create drama, tear someone else down or spend your time complaining…I want you to STOP!

Brush the negative person off your shoulder and start over. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit.  Imagine the blessings that will open up for yourself, your business and your life! And you deserve that.

Many people have successfully broken this cycle and they will tell you that living positive is a much better life!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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