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I have a date with my son this afternoon, we are going to the movies! He doesn’t start first grade until after Labor Day and summer camp is over. That means he is home with me and all I hear all day is “mommy, mommy, mommy. Mommy watch this and mommy watch that.”  You know how it goes! LOL

This is a critical time of year for me, I have a dozen high level Mastermind Members gearing up for my 12 month coaching program. These business owners are invested at a high level with big plans on business reinvention by working closely with myself and my team for an entire year.

I also have my small group tele- coaching program getting ready to launch for this quarter and we are putting together the latest and greatest business strategies for those attendees as well.

I am extremely excited to be working with so many diverse entrepreneurs and business owners, all who are ready to dive in and make BIG shifts in their business and who are sick of trying to figure things out on their own. Not a fun place to be and unfortunately a place that will have you stuck year after year with mounting frustration.  I don’t want that for anyone!

If you wish to inquire about if one of my coaching programs may be right for you, send an email to: and we will try to help you too.

Women Empowerment! Turn Those Compliments To Cash

One of my email subscribers sent me an email admitting that they have been avoiding focusing on the money making aspects of their business because quite frankly it scared them! This person received BIG kudos from me simply because most people will never admit it! She is also sick and tired of people telling her how great she is and how inspirational, but none of these people are paying her.  In other words, the compliments and flattery are getting her nowhere!

From working with thousands of people on how to increase their business profits and bottom line, I know first-hand that it is a natural tendency to shy away from sales and marketing.  But I also know first hand that anyone not focusing on sales and marketing is not making money in their business, no matter what they say or what image they try to portray to others.

Women in general have a tendency to focus on “women empowerment” something I am all for, but only in moderation. The term is extremely over-used, abused and taken out of context.  In fact you will probably never hear me say this term.

Here is the reason why…Women in business are already empowered and know that they have special gifts to offer the world.  They would not have started a business unless they were motivated and believed in their expertise.  Being in the company of like-minded women is a powerful thing when you need a charge or reminder of all that is possible and we all need that from time to time.

However where women empowerment gets dangerous is when women start to believe that is the ONLY education they need.  When they start to attend event after event in search of the next motivational message thinking that is the key to making their business profits explode.

That is a false sense of security and as my email subscriber boldly confessed to me, a way of her avoiding having to deal with learning the “hard” skills of making money in her business.

Look at it this way.  You can attend a motivational event every day of the week for a year, but it won’t give you what you need to keep your business afloat.  You can believe in your abilities all you want, but it won’t give you what you need to make money in your business.

There is a skill set involved in making money in your business that must be acquired.  If you want to learn how to be a doctor you go to medical school.  If you want to practice law, you must go to law school.  And if you want to run a successful business you must learn the mechanics and skills to make that happen.  It’s no different.

Do you ever see guys going to “men empowerment” events? Heck no.  The guys I see making big money are learning how to market, convert prospects, write copy, and the art of sales…the things they know are needed to reap the financial rewards.

And it’s time for women to do the same.  So while women empowerment is great for that pick me up, social piece and reminder of what is possible, at the end of the day we still have to learn how to make the big bucks like the big boys!

Don’t let another year pass you by where flattery, well wishes and compliments pacify you, I would much rather have you turn those compliments into cash!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


P.S. If you wish to inquire about if one of my coaching programs may be right for you, send an email to: and we will try to help you too.

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